In love with fear

Oh Lord
We are a culture
In love with fear
And afraid of love

Be not afraid, you call

Many of the same souls
Who shout
With closed minds
And plugged ears
That the government
Shall not have any role
In regulating

Be afraid, they say

Are the same souls
Who demand
With closed hearts
And clenched fists
That the government
Shall have the ultimate role
In regulating

Be very afraid, they say

For without our guns
To defend our lives
And without our bibles
To defend our prejudices
Surely we shall perish

Be not afraid, you beckon

Oh Lord
Free us from fear
That leads only to death
And open us to  love
That leads to abundant life



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181 responses to “In love with fear”

  1. “Suppose everyone is gay- where would be our next generation?” Only a minority is ever going to be gay. Our next generation is being born all the time. No worries there. Sex is as popular as it ever was.
    “homo hedonicus as well practices in the culture of Greek and Romans”. Now this is real historical ignorance. There was a strong “hedonist” strain in ancient Greece and Rome, but also an (arguably stronger) ascetic and stoic strain. Was Marcus Aurelius a hedonist? Was Plato or Diogenes? The temple of Apollo at Delphi bore the inscription “Meden agan” (nothing in excess). “The beauties of the beauty are as nothing compared to the beauties of the soul” says Plato.

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    Been reading your blog for the past couple months, first time commenting. 🙂 I agree there is a lot of fear in our culture today. I am mostly acquainted with the fear of the religious/conservative right as that is a lot of my background. But I thought I’d throw out an idea for you (and your other readers) on this topic. In my life, I found that when I had eschatalogical views of the imminent end of the world, it made me more fearful and less concerned about planning for the future. That second point created a negative feedback loop for me, as I found myself unprepared for life’s events. For example, for several years I did not contribute to my 401k at work as I was fearful that the government would confiscate the funds to pay the national debt. Not saying this still couldn’t happen, but I do recognize that fear kept me from getting an immediate 100% match on those funds. I’d now say that is the wiser course of action. Another example is I didn’t save money for a house for a long time because I kept expecting a greater fall in the economy. Again, in hindsight, I think I was foolish there. Maybe unlike yourself and most of your readers, I am pro-gun rights. But there is a sense of fear associated with the mindset that wants to stockpile vast quantities of weapons. Perhaps this kind of thinking and eschatology is creating this same negative fearful mindset in many other people today?

    • Thank you so much for sharing how fear has previously held you captive. I am grateful for your new vision and the ability to move, yes cautiously (and that is wise), but move none the less.

  3. Thank you for this prayer. It speaks to what I’ve been thinking for quite some time. I have become very disheartened by the hatefulness that has gripped our nation. We have become very unreasonable indeed. All of the anger about the gun issue is driven by fear. Fear of the other, fear of the government, etc. We have lost the ability to have reasonable debate on any issue.

    • Thank you William, I truly am perplexed and frustrated by those who seem to hold a death grip on the 2nd Amendment but can disregard the 1st. How have be become a nation so in love with fear, perpetuating fear and yet terrified of the love a couple of dudes or gals like me have for one another. Prayin’ I am.

      • I’m truly perplexed why so many of my fellow Americans think so little of others rights that they surrender them so easily. You seem to be one of those types of Americans Kimberly. Why are you willing to your turn fellow citizens into criminals by taking what is currently legal and making it criminal? That seems to be the goal of gun control.

        • Randy,

          Just because something is “currently legal” does not make it morally right. My post here is not about taking away guns it is a prayer for a nation that is so in love with fear that it hold more precious the right to own assault weapons (they are not called defense reason) than they hold the right to live and love as we see fit. I am one of the Americans who continues to have her rights denied, not one who wants to deny rights to others. I do want others to be willing to have rational, thoughtful, compassionate conversations about gun regulation (not bans). We are a nation in love with fear and afraid of love.

  4. ounbbl: Your comments validate the very notion that fear blinds us to the ultimate truth of the good news of Jesus. Although you use scripture and religious language to justify your views, it is painfully clear that your primary motivation is fear, not love. Christ came to teach us how to love the way we were created to love…unconditionally. When unconditional love is the source of our spirituality, we will fully understand what Paul meant when he said, “In Christ (love) there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28) Your fearful message does not match the voice of the gospel.

  5. In poem there is so-called poetic license. However, the phrase ‘In love with fear And afraid of love’ drives my brain into confusion. Does it mean ‘I love fear or I’m in love with fear’? Does it mean ‘afraid to love’ or ‘afraid when someone loves us’? The phrase seems like an example of a linguistic obfuscation. BTW, Love is incompatible with fear (1Jn 4:18 ‘perfect love drives out fear’). BTW in the Bible ‘afraid’ ‘in fear’ is ofter used in the sense of ‘awe’, e.g. confronting the God’s holiness; e.g. walking out in the morning stepping out into the snow blanket field – a sense of awe, wishing not to leave the marvelous beauty undisturbed .

    • As much as I’d love to engage your thoughtful questions I really don’t explain poems or prayers. Invite it to work in you how ever it will…

    • “Poetic license” is something the poet has — the power to stretch facts, invent rhythmic patterns, really do whatever is necessary to make a poem shine. You seem to have a problem with interpretation, namely that you think a phrase needs to be structured such that it only has one possible meaning. While precision is the most important thing with choosing words, “precise” doesn’t always mean “singular in meaning”; rather, it means the author is choosing a word with care.

      Maybe it’s better for you personally for the phrase to have exactly one meaning; or perhaps it should be considered with all possible meanings. That’s up to you — think of it as your own interpretive license.

  6. I like this very much. So much of Christianity seems to be based on the idea that everything will fall apart if they allow for people to be different. I am not gay, but I have been shocked by the pronouncements by the religious right that our civilization is threatened by gays. We would be so much better off if people would concentrate on their own spiritual journey, and let others work on theirs.

    • I don’t under this. What does your being gay or not gay have anything to do with this poem? You seem to bring down ‘love’ to our mere human love (which is a shadow of divine love) or, worse, to sexual love (which is not ‘love’ of the Bible).
      ‘Our civilization is threatened by gays’ – in a sense it’s true. Suppose everyone is gay – where would be our next generation? It’s like China syndrome. They want to have only a son (with gender-cide of unborn baby girls by systematic abortion with prenatal ultrasound exam diagnosis). Then, where would be families and next generation? Is it different than a scenario of an end of human civilization, and humanity itself?
      Homosexuality is as much as sin as humanity itself, when it is divorced from the Creator God. It is homosexualism that is sin. Homosexuality is what they may be; homosexualism is what they choose to be bound in slavery – homosexual behavior, conduct, life style, culture with gay agenda, politics, militant gay movement and ideology. They bring their own condemnation on themselves and trying to blame others (who cannot be angelic to them) and trying to read the Bible to justify their life of homo hedonicus as well practiced in the culture of Greek and Romans. Some even wrote a book ‘Gay Spirituality’. What does have sodomy and physical pleasure have anything to do with spirituality? Let each concentrate on one’s own spiritual journey? Yeah, it sounds much like a spiritism. BTW, spirituality is not something you do in spiritual style/area; it is the spiritual reality, that is, God Himself.