Living in the now while believing in the not yet

It is my call as a follower of the Third Way made known through the Incarnation to pray for and WORK for the type of radical, paradigm shifting change that will truly allow us to beat our swords into ploughshares.

That means my faith calls me to:

Look squarely in the eye of systemic evil that creates, nurtures and excuses the sick monsters in our world that perpetrate violence that begets violence.

Speak truth to power.

Work for and with our most vulnerable citizens before the evil takes root and consumes their heart and will.

Work with and for the marginalized to establish justice in a system that thrives off of fear and loathing.

Accept my own part in the system and every day trying a little harder to live into a the faithful ideal that puts US before ME.

Believe that the Kin-dom of God is here AND yet to come, and that through realizing our interdependence with one another and God it can fully manifest.

I am called to believe it is possible even if it is not yet realized. Not blindly, not naively but with faith that the arc really is and will bend toward justice as we PARTNER with God to make it so.

Am I heartbroken over and over again as we broken and beautiful humans destroy one another over and over again?


Do I still believe it is possible, maybe not in my lifetime, or even my daughter’s but maybe, just maybe, her daughter’s?


That is how I understand and try my damnedest to live my faith.

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1,237 responses to “Living in the now while believing in the not yet”

  1. Kimberly, My PhD thesis Proleptic transformation: Living in the not yet, hopefully will shortly be accepted. Although academic writing, you may have interest in parts. I love your issues and answers.

  2. Thank you. Every time I see something hateful in Christianity and find myself wanting to walk away from belief all together, something like this reminds me of the beauty that is still there to be found in Christ’s love.

  3. This statement is one that I, as an outsider to your faith, can get behind 100% It’s so important to see these reminders that the vast majority of Christians aren’t out to dominate or marginalize those of us who don’t share all your beliefs. You express the desire to make the world better without any desire for power for yourself or privilege for your beliefs. Well done.

  4. I love this. I think the indented part (about what faith calls us to do) would be a great affirmation of faith on a Sunday morning. It was just the thing for me to remember today. Thank you.

  5. I too am working and praying for a day when we will all live in peace and when every tear will be wiped away. The journey will be long and sometimes hard but we will get there someday. In this life you can either reach out with love knowing that the world will break your heart or make your heart a stone. A broken heart can and will be healed through Christ and by loving each other as he loves us. Someday hearts will break not because we are sad but they will no longer be able to contain the joy within them. I long for the day when my heart is broken in that way.