Not what God intends for the human family

A recent commenter shared this often-heard gem in a comment ” … homosexuality which the Bible clearly describes as willful sin against what God intends for the human family.”

And that got me to thinking…

There are SO MANY sins against humanity and God that are being perpetrated every minute of every day without so much a peep from fundamentalist Christians. Why on earth are folks so damn obsessed with my sex life, my love life and my family? Where is the outrage for the true horrors?

Here are some willful sins against what I understand God intends for the human family:

Dumping millions of gallons of oil in the ocean
Dumping millions of gallons of chemicals in our food supply
Dumping millions of hours into the entertainment cult and none into service
Decimation of species, in the name of progress
Decimation of the souls of the poor, in the name of progress
Decimation of other religions, in the name of God
Decimation of other humans, in the name of God
Young women and men dying in wars of the empire
Young women and men dying in prisons

Young children going to school with no food in their tummies
Young children going to bed with no food in their tummies
Young women starving themselves to death for a warped ideal of beauty
Young women going to shelters with broken arms and black eyes
Young girls being held down by rapists
Young men teaching each other the fine art of date rape
Young boys being sold to the highest bidder
Old veterans denied benefits
Old women denied healthcare
Families turning their backs on their children
Friends turning their backs on the mourning
Classmates turning their backs on the meek
Churches turning their backs on the poor
Communities turning their backs on the hungry
Nations turning their backs on the peacemakers

We all know that this list goes on and on. I invite you to add to it in the comments below.

If what I do in my bedroom and with whom I do it is your focus above and beyond all else, you might want to ask yourself if your behavior is what God intends for the human family.


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723 responses to “Not what God intends for the human family”

  1. Ahhh, lets not foget that lovely sin of gluttony, one of my brother’s favorite to commit, being 200 plus pounds overweight and famously going to buffets with other members of his church after service where he stands in the pulpit and condemns his only sister because she happens to love another woman, oh yes, and attends a pentecostal church instead of the dreaded IFB church he heads. Or the fact that his first wife divorced him after years of physical abuse and he remarried. Deciding whom his stepdaughter may or may not marry, even though she’s a grown woman soon to graduate with a nursing degree (maybe I did get to be an influence after all. Oh yes, another one, lets beat our only son who is disabled when he speaks out in class instead of trying to find out what the boy is saying. I have had it with “christian” people, as I’m sure you are. I have seriously given consideration to going to seminary, I’ve felt the call strongly the past two years, but I have to ask myself, why bother? All I get from most “christians” is more hate and intolerance, which hurts my wife and then in turn makes me want to knock them down, I don’t, I just walk away, but she is getting where she won’t even hold my hand outside of the house because of it.

      • Yes, you misread, he beats my nephew, his own son. You know, spare the rod, spoil the child……heard it enough myself when the switch was hitting my legs for finding potholes of mud on the way home from school!

    • I hear your pain. My hope is that it feeds your call, and doesn’t lead you to walk away from it. Have you read Nouwen’s “The Wounded Healer”? We are called to minister from our own woundedness.

  2. I think what I hear you say is this: “With all these other horrible offenses against God and humanity going on in the world, taking the time to write about something as trivial as Kimberly Knight’s social life is paltry and immature.”

      • … and yet you also write about Kimberly Knight’s social life while those things are going on.

        In fact, one might even ask how the offense of that one commenter stacks up against that list of true horrors. You wrote a critique of it when you could be writing something substantial about world hunger.

        I think you should take the advice of this blogger, who says we should weigh our priorities against the worst of human atrocities before choosing to write about them:

        • Good point friend. I’m in 100% agreement. As it turns out I’m trying to survive with dignity as a lesbian in America. I would welcome your own writing on hunger and lift it up as far superior to my own concerns. Links?

          • You’re just mad because I pointed out the ironic hypocrisy of this post. If you’re going to criticize people for not writing about the world’s greatest evils, and instead writing about things of far less importance in the grand-scheme-of-things, you should apply that same standard to yourself. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

            Myself, I’m fine observing people write about whatever they like. Their writing should be evaluated on its own merits, not upon what they could have written about.

            • Oh, and by writing this post I was actually writing about those things and not myself. I was lifting up those things in words. I did in fact point to much larder things than myself. No where in that list did I point to myself. But you are so keen to battle that you either could not see that or just want to pick fights for the fun of it. Either way that sorta makes you a troll whether or not you use your full name.

            • “You’re just mad”

              I see then… you don’t really care about the hungry, you just want to post a “gotcha”… how sad :(

      • I noticed you left out the 1 million babes killed by liberals every year in this country. Thats ~3400 per day. You pro-aborts are cool…

        • You ready to adopt any of them? You ready to pay more taxes so poor mothers and children get healthcare? You willing to work tirelessly to end rape culture that produces pregnancies of violence, incest and oppression? You willing to pay more taxes for better public education and birth control? You willing to claim your theology with your full name like I am or are you content to troll? You’re so cool.

          • 95% abortions have nothing to do with rape/heath/ poverty.
            This is still not an excuse to murder babies. How about if people control their genitals?, have you heard of sexual morality? I would suggest you start by reading the 10 commandments, one of them is you shall not murder.

                • Same-gender couples don’t have abortions. ;-D:

                  ..but are for legalized child murder. Many lesbians are involved in the abortion industry. Have you heard that there is a push to redefine marriage again? for polyamorous relationships. By making your big list of sins up there does not excuse your sin!

        • Right…because an embryo is exactly the same thing as a fully-developed BORN baby. Get an education and stop trolling.

          • yes, that embryo is a human life, not a potential life. I suggest you pick up a science book. Biology 101. and read the ten commandments.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Literally, because I get all pissy and snarky whenever I talk about this stuff.

  4. Great post Kimberly. Here’s a few of my own to add to the list.

    Choosing to Hoard massive wealth while so many go without, and not having the eyes to see.

    Choosing to “stand our ground” rather than loving our enemies and praying for them.

    Choosing to perpetuate discrimination is all its ugly forms rather than working for reconciliation.

    Choosing to point out the spec in others eyes rather than taking care of the beam in our own.

  5. Kimberly: I couldn’t agree with you more. Those of us (myself included) in the straight, hetereosexual, conservative brand of christianity ought to just shut the hell up until we came face to face with what your list says. Keep preaching, sister.

  6. The anger of fundamentalist Christians comes from a god called ‘the media’. The behaviour fueled by this anger serves the elite and the rich, so that they may commit many of the sins that you have posted in your article.

    It is a diversionary tactic to influence people so they don’t follow the way. How the media stereotypes fundamentalist Christians, also has an effect of diverting good people from following the way. I pity them because they are not in control of their thoughts and feelings.