Which blog post next?

I want to write all the things.  I write one thing at a time, removing one festering foible at a time to make room for the next to bubble to the surface. Friends, I have been writing in fits and starts since just before my father died but I have a head full of swirling thoughts aching to get out.  I want to unpack every one but they are competing with each other for completion. My notebook is full, my pencil is dull and I’m overwhelmed.

Because I discern best in community, I am asking y’all –  would you be willing to help me rank these next topics so I can focus?


UPDATE: Ranking will help me determine which topic to tackle first.  All will be written eventually 🙂


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1,256 responses to “Which blog post next?”

    • You just did write well. Why? You spoke in your own voice and the words conveyed your truth + they made the reader feel something. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and thanks for voting.

  1. I
    can’t really rank your topics by title since I don’t know what they
    mean to you or how you intend to process the material associated with
    each. As one who advocates for inclusion and an emphasis on *God’s Work
    in Individuals* rather than a Robotron approach to community life, I
    would like to pose some questions about your topics, though.

    Threat to Marriage — Okay, i get that this is the frame that *church
    people* want to place around the subject of SameSexMarriage, but
    honestly, I think it’s just a cover-up for the underlying fear that most
    hetero believers have to wrestle
    with: *what if it turns out that my spouse/sibling/offspring is gay????
    I’ll be MORTIFIED* Believe me, they don’t want to admit that this is
    the root of their activism, but if they were HONEST, the activism mostly
    stems from fear and this is a major component. Can you incorporate a
    compassionate response to this into your topic?

    Link — your call, but please don’t let the rabble-rousers or your own
    burden tempt you into the rabbit hole of explaining private matters to
    folks who cannot receive benefit or direction from the material. Some
    things are meant to be addressed
    in therapeutic environments for the healing of wounded souls and the
    protection of innocent others. There are things that I could say about
    those that I have loved and lost, etc BUT IF IT DOESN’T MAKE FOLKS
    BETTER, WHAT’S THE POINT? If it doesn’t show the way the protect the
    helpless or the innocent, it is usually NOT WORTH IT.

    my choice… — I do think the entire community of faith could be
    deeply and transformatively instructed if more *wounded individuals*
    were able to give voice to how *church people* have damaged them AND HOW
    GOD HAS SAVED THEM ANYWAY. Preachers (of
    all faiths) seem to love to emphasize that they have the correct
    prescription for how to live into the favor of God. THEY DO NOT.
    Communion is NOT achieved by following someone else’s formula. It is
    achieved by living honestly with what God brings to the table of your
    soul. Daily… {and I’m not saying that formulas and communities are not
    useful, but … }

    Accomplice to Murder… — not so much Christ-ianity as church-ianity… Ed Gungor addressed this in his recent message *TheStoryWeFindOurselvesIn* over at SanctuaryTulsa >> how when the *religiously RIGHT* (as in, CORRECT) executed/stoned Stephen, “they MUR-DERED him”. He talks about how reading the book of Acts is poking him in ways that are very UN-comfort-able…

    Sins of a Lesbian — Failing in Lesbian Love: What it IS & What it is NOT! { another topic that needs some #BreakSetThinking# applied, as does the idea that being married to a hetero believer is some sort of insurance policy — NOT! We fail to understand that finding a mate is NOT what we do to please God and demonstrate our loyalty; it is what GOD DOES FOR US OUT OF COMPASSION! It is rooted in the #DivineDetermination that those good works that s/He planned for us WILL BE FULFILLED and that it is NOT GOOD for HUMANS to be alone… }

    Buddha/Christ – not ignoring it, just don’t have anything to add, except: can’t wait to see how you process that!

    {{ there! now I have a DISQUS account. If only I had a web designer who could get my WordPress blog up and running! STAT! }}

  2. I made my choices…but I really had a hard time ranking them because they are all interesting. Luckily, the survey didn’t allow me the choice to put 1 next to each entry or else we’d be in the same predicament.