Practicing Together #19

Prospect Hill Park, Waltham, MA

It's Monday, so we practice together.  Join us?This past week, I noticed that some types are mental gears are particularly hard for me to shift out of.  I tend to switch tasks a lot and to feel distractable at that level, but if I look at my work in the last hour before bed, my mind will be filled with office details all night.  I'm not sure what the hard-to-shift gears have in common, but noticing they are there feels helpful.This week, I invite in the answer is already here.  Maybe the … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #18

Wish tree at Pride Interfaith 2013

Let's practice together. It is our ritual, and rituals are important.This past week, I noticed that my body has its own memory.  I knew this from the years that I was healing from abuse, when surprising hair-triggers were a regular part of my life, but it hasn't come up in a way that surprised or challenged me in a long time.  And then twice this week, something I did reminded me vividly, viscerally of an event years in the past, both times because of physical cues.This coming week, I in … [Read more...]

Practicing together #17

Beach in Wellfleet, MA

On Mondays (or whenever we get to it!) we practice together.  Join us!This week, I noticed that not everything has to happen at once.  I've been struggling lately with feeling like I've made a good decision about one big area of my life, but also feeling like it's keeping me from putting in the time I'd like to put in on other things.  Trying to jam everything in just isn't working, but breathing with the possibility that all of those things can happen, just not all at once, feels spa … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #16

Our beautiful lake

So all last week, I was at Rites of Spring!  I forgot to tell you about this before it happened, and then I was there and internet-free for a whole week.  I have a mess of posts saved up, but I wanted to practice together for this week, taking my own admonition that you can join in at any time as seriously as I hope you take it!While I was there, I noticed how much difference a change makes.  It was hot and sunny at the very beginning of the week, and again at the end, but we appreciated … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #15

sunny leaves

This is our ritual: we practice together on Mondays.  Or on not-Mondays!  You can join in whenever you like.This past week, I noticed that sometimes I don't want to make good choices, but prefer to play out my patterns instead.  Even when I can see those patterns clearly and am aware that I have other choices I could engage, there are times when making that choice can feel hard.This coming week, I invite in centeredness.  A massage therapist asked me the other day "how do you want to feel … [Read more...]

Pagan virtues

Courage, not pomp

Some weeks ago, Alain de Botton wrote a post proposing "ten virtues for the modern age."  His virtues are resilience, patience, empathy, sacrifice, politeness, humor, self-awareness, forgiveness, hope, and confidence.  None of those make me want to scream "no!" but they also don't, as a whole, make me say "yes!" or evoke the kind of world I'd like to live in.  To my ear, they read like a list of ways to increase your ability to cheerfully manage adversity you can't hope to overcome, and th … [Read more...]

Practicing Together #14

poof buds!

Hello again, Monday!  We practice together on Mondays, noticing and inviting.  As always, you can join us at any time during the week.This past week, I noticed that my actions haven't entirely kept up with my belief that anything we can do by pushing and forcing and badgering ourselves, we can also do with ease and grace and playfulness and a sense of possibility.  The gap is biggest when I feel like I have too much to do or haven't got a handle on the big picture of how the things will fit t … [Read more...]