Updates from last week: Last week, I invited in shift, and hey! On Monday, suddenly I was no longer stressed about my insane to-do list! That was not what I was expecting, but it did just work. This is why I love magic, people. Read more

Before the beginning, there was only desire. Desire moved the sacred into form. I don’t know if it was one form or two or if it exploded at once into many gorgeous facets of life; when God Herself whispers this story into my ear, She doesn’t always tell it the same way. Read more

This past week, I noticed flowers! Snowdrops and crocuses are up everywhere, although some of them seem a bit floppy because of late-season snowstorms. But even the ones that are squashed are blooming. How’s that for a metaphor? Read more

We’ve talked a lot so far about the theory and architecture of practice, so I think it’s time to get into some specifics. Here’s one practice for connecting with parts of yourself that I use and teach frequently. Read more

This is one of my all-time favorite quick reads: Anne Lamott on finding time for what is important. I ask them, is there a eucalyptus grove at the end of their street, or a new exhibit at the art museum? An upcoming minus tide at the beach where the agates and tidepools are, or a great poet coming to the library soon? A pond where you can see so many turtles? A journal to fill? If so, what manic or… Read more

Hello, week!  Hello, practice.  Every Monday, we practice together. This past week, I noticed that my idea of what I need to do isn’t always right.  I heard myself saying to several people this week “I need to do X, and Y, and Z, but there just isn’t time.”  This was true, so I didn’t do X and Y and Z and it pretty much turned out okay.  Some of those are things that will eventually need to get done, and… Read more

I stand in the rain. She whispers in my ear, “dissolve.” Read more

This coming week, I invite in the experience that there is plenty of time. I have talked about time before in this space, and danced around ways to name this particular experience, so this week, I want to try approaching it head-on. There is plenty of time. Yes. Read more

Ali Bourgault of A Healing Vibration: “There really isn’t a separation between my personal spiritual practice and my bodywork practice. Both practices are centered around love and gratitude and at this point I couldn’t imagine one practice without the other. I’ve always been interested in bodywork and always loved giving people massages, so looking back, it just makes sense that I’ve become a professional bodyworker.” Read more

We’re all busy. Here are five practices you can do in 60 seconds or less, although many of them are also lovely if you have a bit more time. 1. Presence: Take three deep breaths. Pay attention to each one as fully as you can. Read more

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