Filling the Void… with Small Electronics…

I want yours…

If we’re going to be friends here on my new Patheos blog, I’ll have to share here early on that I’m a geek. I’m also a Mac. So just be forewarned that when Apple makes their semi-regular product announcements, you can expect me to likely blog a line or two about them.

Typically, my modus operandi goes like this:

  1. Lisa tunes in to Apple product announcement.
  2. Lisa checks account balances at Bank of America online.
  3. Lisa declares she doesn’t want, doesn’t need, and can definitely live without whatever latest and greatest new Apple toy/tool is announced.
  4. Lisa sees her geek friends Tweet about how awesome their new ____ (fill in the blank) is and begins to commit the sin of envy.
  5. Lisa checks her bank account again.
  6. Lisa eventually (but not immediately) breaks down and realizes she cannot possibly live without _____. (It’s so much smaller, and faster, and it’s white!)
  7. Greg (Lisa’s amazingly generous husband) becomes the proud new owner of the last generation Apple toy/tool Lisa’s been using, and Lisa gets the new one (in White, of course).

The cycle has repeated itself numerous times over the past five years. Today, I find myself right between stage numbers 3 and 4 with respect to Apple’s announcement this week of the new iPad Mini. I don’t need it, I can’t afford it, and I’ll likely end up owning one at some point in the future. But not today or likely even in November.

Because I spotted this:

Video Link

Thanks Conan O’Brien. I owe you one!

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  • Kirk Whitney

    I spent about 10 years as an Apple addict, starting with the “snowball” iMac and a 10 gig 1st generation iPod. A year into retirement, I am in MacRehab. It’s hard but it is possible. Here are some things I have found helpful:

    1. The first step is admitting you have a problem.
    2. Turn your life over to a higher power (I am not referring to iOS 6)
    3. Begin to think of product announcements as an occasion of sin,
    4. Learn to take life one product generation at a time.
    5. Warning sign; If you start describing yourself to new acquaintances as “A friend of Steve J”, it’s time to seek help.

  • lisahendey

    Ok Kirk, you’re my new “addiction specialist/sponsor” whether you like it or not! Hilarious! And does it tell you something that I completely “get” this due to some relationships in my life? Next product announcement, I’ll schedule a work shift at the Poverello House!

  • Veronica

    It also helps to realize that CrApple has a powerful marketing machine that sells you the idea that their products are “cool”, and that the high price of their toys is actually worth it (despite other companies like Samsung having similar or better things at often lower prices).

  • Ted Seeber

    Ok, as one geek to another, why?

    I left Apple behind when they started abstracting the operating system from the hardware with the Lisa. I avoided Microsoft Windows for the longest time for the same reason- because it didn’t allow me to actually make the hardware do cool stuff.

    I’m finally returning to my love of programming with Google’s Android. And I won’t buy Apple anything and am seriously considering abandoning Windows world now that Windows 8 is out- merely because it is no longer configurable enough for me.

  • Sarah Reinhard


    I get it.