O Radiant Dawn Giveaway – Comment to Enter

As you read this, I’m driving home from my Thanksgiving vacation. Even though I’m pre-posting this on Tuesday night, I already know that when Sunday morning rolls around I am bound to be cranky. I’ll have said goodbye to my precious son Eric and shipped him back off to college, and Adam, Greg and I will have a seven hour drive ahead of us. The party will be over, and there will be work waiting for me when I get home.

So to cheer myself up, we’re going to have a contest today. Five lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive signed copies of my new Advent book O Radient Dawn: 5-Minute Prayers Around the Advent Wreath. Here’s some information about the book:

O Radiant Dawn is a daily prayer book created for use around an Advent wreath in Catholic households of any configuration. It contains twenty-eight devotional services, each designed to last only five minutes—an achievable goal for busy families. The single-page service includes: 1) a simple candle lighting, 2) a brief scripture passage paired with a reflection question for adults and older children and one for younger children, 3) silence, and 4) a closing prayer. Rooted in scriptural images of light, O Radiant Dawn can be used in family prayer year after year. With its many Advent wreath prayers, O Radiant Dawn is an ideal gift for parish-wide distribution and faith-sharing groups. It can also be used as a part of an Advent retreat.

Newsflash: Order my new Advent booklet O Radiant Dawn for only $1 when you order 10 copies or more. Use the promo code catholicmom12 when placing your order at www.avemariapress.com to get this great deal. Advent will be here before you know it! Offer expires 12/15/12.

To enter to win a copy of O Radiant Dawn, simply leave a comment below by 8:00 am on Tuesday, November 27, 2012. Five winners will be randomly selected and the booklets will be sent out immediately for you to enjoy on next Sunday, when we begin Advent.

Update: Our randomly selected winners — Angie, Mary, Bonnie, Jennifer and Dee — have been notified by email. I thank all of you for participating in this contest and for your support for O Radiant Dawn.

About Lisa M. Hendey

Lisa Hendey is the founder and webmaster of CatholicMom.com and the author of The Grace of YesA Book of Saints for Catholic Moms and The Handbook for Catholic Moms. Lisa writes for several online and print publications, enjoys speaking around the country and is a frequent television and radio guest and host. Visit her at LisaHendey.com and connect with her at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

  • http://www.garland-of-roses.com Suzanne

    Just praying out a new book for Advent meditations. Would love to win this one.

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  • http://syrophoenicianwoman.blogspot.com/ Bethanie Ryan

    I’m very interested in reading this. I hope I’m one of the one’s picked. My family could use this and I’d likely review it on my blog.

  • http://www.faithfulservantarts.etsy.com Mary Selano

    This looks terrific, I would love to read through the meditations. Are they based on the “O Antiphons?”

  • Angie Wolfe

    Would love this new devotional just in time for Advent!!

  • Wendy

    I could really use this Advent book! God bless all who entered!

  • Mary Higgins

    would love to win this beautifull book, Bless you for this draw.
    Happy and a Blest Christmass to you and your family;
    Mary Higgins

  • http://sfomom.blogspot.com Barb S

    I’d love to win your Advent book!

  • http://funcoloradohikes.com Mary Norton

    Love the idea of this book to use around the advent wreath just before dinner each night!

  • meghan

    I hope I’m one of the lucky 5. Glad to hear you enjoyed your family over Thanksgiving. Thanks :)

  • Robin

    I know the perfect person to gift this to, as I have one and love it!

  • Janice

    Well this is very generous of you. Would be glad to have this booklet. God Bless.

  • Corinna

    I would love to have a booklet of Advent wreath prayers.

  • Kevin Mastel

    Would love a copy of this book of Advent prayers!

  • http://www.postabortionwalk.blogspot.com InfiniteGrace

    Oh! Oh! Me! Me! I want one!!

  • Candice

    I love the church calendar and the seasons of the year. I’m looking forward to Advent and some good reading material. Thank you for giving booklets away.

  • http://write2thepoint.blogspot.com Karen Mahoney

    I would very much love to win one of your books! Your writing always inspires me!

  • http://aknottedlife.blogspot.com Bonnie

    Oh I’d love one, Lisa!

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  • Carol Paur

    I hope I win because I could sure use some inspiration during Advent! God bless you for all your hard work!
    Carol Paur

  • http://joesales.wordpress.com/ Joe Sales

    I could really use a book like this :) I really hope I win but even if I dont, I pray that whoever does win is blessed.

  • Teri Drda

    Would love to have this for our home this Advent!

  • Claudia

    I would be very happy to use these reflections with my husband and my 5 children during this Advent. May God bless you all!

  • http://cmomc.org Sassy

    can’t wait to read this! already know fom past experience it will be a great read.

  • http://www.supremacyandsurvival.blogspot.com Stephanie A. Mann

    Please enter my name in the drawing for one of these devotionals. Thank you!

  • Pamela Karol

    I didn’t know Lisa had a new book! I’d love a copy!

  • kate

    What a great gift idea- thank you for the discount when ordering multiple copies!

  • Karen Hanrahan

    I will be ordering these this week…..hard to believe Advent is this weekend! How wonderful to be ” surrounded by light” with this gem of a book this season!

  • jen

    looking for a new Advent resource.

  • http://www.lifeonfire.org Chris W.

    I would LOVE to win this. Would be a great opportunity for our family to practice a new Advent tradition.

  • http://www.jengladen.com jennifer gladen

    Love this idea! A great book to have for Advent!

  • Lynn Prucha

    I can’t wait to read this book!! Hoping I win, but if not, I’ll be getting one by this Sunday! Thanks for all you do! Blessings and Happy Advent!

  • Kelly Ramirez

    This looks like such a cool book! Looking forward to using it with our family!

  • Teresa Buonafede

    Hoping to win this booklet and looking forward to this kind of booklet for the season of Christmas as there seems to be a crash and burn even within Catholic publishers of virtually nothing to celebrate the joyous season of Christmas!

  • http://amateurapologia.blogspot.com Julia

    Very cool! I’ve been looking for prayers for advent.

  • Amy

    I don’t have an advent devotional yet this year; would love to win one! :)

  • http://www.havingleftthealtar.com Katherine

    Count me in. Thank you! God Bless

  • Frances L.

    Looks lovely – and I’d love to win it!

  • http://www.catholicvitamins.com Dee Fox

    Would love to win one! We were just discussing Advent in our Mom’s Group at church this morning; always looking for new things to help us during this ‘preparation’ time.

  • Becky

    Thanks for the chance to win. We had an advent wreath out for the first time last year, but this year I actually plan to use it :)

  • http://patriceitsthelittlethings.wordpress.com Patrice

    This would be a wonderful way for our family to light our Advent wreath each evening.

  • Kathleen

    Luv your work, Lisa! All blessings to you, your ministry, & your family!

  • Louise Mangan

    Have never had an Advent wreath but would like to try this year.

  • Rochelle Reding

    We have our advent wreath at the kitchen table and light it during meals. I would love a devotional to add to this time shared with my children.

  • Rena Balleweg

    I would love to use this with my family as well as with my students!

  • Bill Bishop

    Pick Me!!! Need something to read this advent.

  • Christine Newpower

    Lisa you are an amazing writer, blogger and witness to the Faith. Thank you for another beautiful contribution toward helping the rest of us (less energetic) Catholic moms in forming our children!

  • Monica Neuman

    This would be a great resource for my family this Advent.