Real Housewives of Catholic Media – Who Would You Watch?

Thanks for enduring a few days of “radio silence” here on the blog folks. Hopefully it prepared you for the onslaught of sharing that’s about to happen over the next few days.

I always have the best of intentions for blogging when I’m on the road, so in some “alternate reality” I imagined myself working twelve hour days sharing this week’s USCCB meeting with you live via Twitter and then retiring to my hotel room to offer “real” posts in greater detail. That was the same reality where I would have managed to write the book foreword that was due two days ago, to have loving cell phone chats with my husband and sons from the road, and to keep up with my overburdened inbox.

Obviously, none of that happened.

The trip was amazing — my head is literally still spinning from the blessing of spending a few days in the company of Bishops from around the country and sharing it with my fellow Catholic Bloggers. I have some great content to share with you, but first I have to take care of a couple of things at home and finish that book project too.

So in the mean time, I’ll leave you to have a little fun with the image I’ve shared here. Ashley Collins‘ “imaginary smash hit” is actually like a vamp off of the real-life project being promoted by the NET channel in New York.  Minor Revisions takes a “real world” life at our friend and fellow blogger Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary. From the trailer, which I’ll share here, it looks like “don’t miss” programming — authentic, entertaining, and featuring things like scorpions walking across kitchen floors. I will be watching for sure!

But while I’m catching up on a bit of stuff today and organizing the content I want to share with you, I’ll leave you to “daydream” a bit in the comments. If you were going to cast a Catholic reality TV show, who would be your “must have” participants. The sky’s the limit, and I’ll get us started with my “picks” in the comments. Secondly, you might share your thoughts on how projects like this can encourage and lift up the average Catholic in the pew… or if they should even try to do that.

See you soon!

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  • lisahendey

    Lisa here, to share that I think it would be amazing to have a reality show that followed Cardinal Timothy Dolan for a few weeks. He keeps an amazing schedule, but more importantly I’d love for folks to see the warm way he interacts with people. He has this amazing ability to handle difficult moments with ease and charm. I could see a show following him around New York with cameos by people like Fr. James Martin, Lino Rulli and other notable Catholic New Yorkers being a real blast!

  • Martina

    Oooooh, good question. Most of the women I know aren’t known in the Catholic blogging world, so maybe Jen Fulwiler as our anchor {it helps that she’s a friend IRL} and then some of our local parish ladies from our MOMs group and other ministries around our parish. It’d be nice for people to have a glance at how normal we are everyday and be a beacon for the Faith to other no-namers. :)

    • lisahendey

      I think the idea to cast “regular” folks would be a great one. It would teach us how people who aren’t so wired about their faith live it out in the real world. And I’ll say you’re very lucky to be IRL friends with Jen – she’s amazing!! I’m so glad they chose her for this as her journey to faith is so compelling!

  • Martina

    Separate from moms/women of the Faith, I really want to do a “day in the life of” of our priest. People would benefit from seeing exactly how busy our diocesan priests are and maybe gain some perspective and appreciation for all they do. It’d have to be funny, too…b/c our priests are pretty funny. :D

  • Sarah Reinhard

    Let’s do a mash-up with a bishop or two and some regular people. :)

    All the blogger super-stars, of course, but how about, like Martina suggested, some real-life regular people…I’d love to see how these people with a ton of kids and homeschooling do it all, like with a peering lens into their lives. Oh wait, I guess that’s what Minor Revisions is. It’s on my calendar too! :)

  • Martina

    The blogger super stars could be like a Big Brother show without the debauchery…keep the confessional, though. LOL

    I nominate my parish and our peeps to do this project, btw. :D

  • Angela Sealana

    Katherine Barron, hands down!

    • lisahendey

      Absolutely Angela — she rocks, and that Mac guy is pretty cool too!

  • Pat Gohn

    I love all my guests on the Among Women podcast, from the authors and bloggers and others with more “public” faces. But some of my best work, I think, has come from gently coaxing and inviting the woman in the pew who is Joanne Parishioner to share her faith aloud with others. They are always amazed at the impact their own stories/testimonies have.

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  • No Thanks

    Oh…I don’t think any of this is a good idea. Even the notion of “blogger super-stars” is just…wrong. Does this sort of thing glorify God or does it glorify the “super-star”? I don’t like the turn all this “new evangelization/new media” is taking, with “blogger super-stars” and Catholic “Real Housewives”-type reality shows. Whatever happened to God and the hierarchy? Who are these people who think they’re “super-stars” or who are casting themselves as saints of some kind with reality shows we should all watch. I don’t aspire to be any of those people. Nothing personal, but they’re not me and I’m not them. A lot of danger regarding the 10th Commandment and maybe even the 1st and 2nd Commandments here.

    • lisahendey

      “No Thanks” thanks very much for your reminder to be humble in our work and to keep it in its proper perspective. Let me clarify that this is all in fun, no “reality series” is actually in the works – just having some enjoyment with discussing who we would like to get to know better. And that’s why I think Pat Gohn’s comment above it spot on — that shining the light on the faith stories of the average person in the pew is the very best idea. Thanks for your comment