#TweetingBishops #FundingFriday #MeatlessFriday & Other Friday Trends

It’s 6:51 am in Fresno, California, dawn barely cresting and I’ve already had what feels like a full day of productive social networking. To bring you up to date on a few trending items:

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  • http://www.thedeaconspeakin.com Deacon Sean Smith

    Thanks for the list of tweeting bishops, Lisa! I just followed all of them. Except Bishop Sheen because I’m fairly sure it isn’t really him.

  • http://www.sonofbosco.com Ashley Collins
    • http://marccardaronella.com Marc Cardaronella

      Yes! #BaconlessFriday!!!

      • http://www.sonofbosco.com Ashley Collins

        I’m really excited about next Lent…
        #BaconlessFriday combined with #GoodFridayProject


  • lisahendey

    Thanks for pointing out that situation Deacon Smith! @FultonSheen is actually run by his official foundation that is organizing the cause for his canonization. After having the opportunity to attend his beatification and knowing the very holy personnel who run that feed, I’ve opted to have it included on this list for myself. I can definitely understand you not following it as a “Bishop who Tweets” but if you’re interested in Blessed Fulton J. Sheen, you should definitely just generically follow that Twitter feed.

    • http://www.thedeaconspeakin.com Deacon Sean Smith


  • http://www.soundmindandspirit.com Lisa@SoundMindandSpirit

    Thanks for the list of Bishops. I’m surprised Texas only has two on that list. We need to do some work down here in the Lone Star State.

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