Who’s Catholic Twitter’s Justin Bieber?

This article headline over at Mashable today caught my eye:

New Jersey Governor Tweets at Justin Bieber for Help With Sandy Relief

The article goes on to detail New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s recent Twitter efforts to raise needed support for those suffering the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy’s rage. I credit the Governor (or whatever staff member handles his Twitter duties) for recognizing the power of the Biebs. In Twitter land, the key to getting your message out to a vast audience is getting it noticed by a few key influencers. If they notice it, engage with it, and share it with their respective Twitter followers, the results can be enormous. And in the case of what Governor Christie was trying to do — raising support for families devastated by the storm — the idea of using a tool like Twitter (free, easy and efficient) is genius.

One question we might ask about this scenario: do “tweets” by highly popular social figures like Justin Bieber necessarily translate into action (in this case, donations of funds, goods and services)?

But today, I’m asking a different question:

Who’s “Catholic Twitter’s” Justin Bieber?

Who are our “go to” tweeters when we need a message delivered quickly and efficiently? I want to make sure I’m following all of them, but also that I’m not abusing their generosity in overburdening them with my requests.

So today, in the comments, I’m asking you to answer the question by naming some of your “go to” Catholic Twitter studs and studettes. I’m going to offer a few suggestions of my own in the combox too, but not immediately. I’d like to see who you come up with first. If you share a suggestion, please also include a link to their Twitter feed to make it easy for all of us to follow them.

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  • lisahendey

    My first nominee: Bishop Christopher Coyne: https://twitter.com/bishopcoyne – Bishop Coyne is currently Apostolic Administrator of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis and he’s one of my “go to” Twitter experts when I need a respected Catholic opinion. Also, love his daily Twitter homilies. Please say a prayer for Bishop Coyne’s family as they mourn the passing of his father.

  • http://egregioustwaddle.blogspot.com/ Joanne K McPortland

    Bishop Coyne is definitely on my list–although his Twitter account was either hacked this morning or he’s promoting serious fasting, because it’s started to carry tweets like The Secret to Weight Loss in (2) Weeks! @roccopalmo, @JamesMartinSJ, Steven Greydanus (@DecentFilms), and our own Elizabeth Scalia (@TheAnchoress) and Deacon Greg Kandra (@DeaconsBench) are my go-to folks.

    • lisahendey

      Terrific roundup Joanne — what is YOUR Twitter handle? Want to make sure I”m following you!

  • Susan crum

    I “third” Bishop Coyne. And Mark Hart for lighter stuff and Chris Padgett for laughs! And there is a girl from our Parish who follows a bunch of other Catholic tweeters… She retweets the best of all of them!

    • lisahendey

      Susan, could you possibly track down the Twitter handles for Mark and Chris and share them here in the comments? I’d love to make it easy for all of us to follow them. Thanks!

  • http://snoringscholar.com Sarah Reinhard

    Here are my faves (don’t know if they qualify, but I’m sharing them anyway):
    @bego – Maria Johnson
    @curtjester – Jeff Miller
    @TheAnchoress – cuz I’m all about being on a bandwagon :)
    @CatholicFoodie – Jeff Young (drool warning on that twitter stream)
    @gregwillits – Greg Willits

    Don’t know that these are all heavy hitters, but I love em and follow em. If they share links, if I have time I’ll click em.

    And I’m sure I didn’t add anyone to your twitter stream there, but…well, there you have it. I have a couple of others on my SMS twitter list, but this is a good list for now :)

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