Christmas Cheer: Do You Save It for the Season?

This morning, I sat watching this video from my friend Father Roderick Vonhögen of and pondering the current — undecorated — state of my home.

Honestly, in most years my home would have been decorated for Christmas by now. We typically host my husband’s work Christmas party in early December (it’s actually, of course, called a “holiday party”) and everyone expects decorations. This year, we’re off and as a result there is no “pressure” to decorate. I did spend a bit of time readying my Advent wreath on Saturday.

Our Advent Wreath

This year, I actually put quite a lot of thought and effort into my Advent wreath. My mother in law and I drove to a local Christmas tree farm to choose a living wreath to replace the raggedy old fake one I’ve been using for years. I stepped up from my old partially-burned taper candles to new ones that I’d purchased a year ago at a monastery I visited. The red tablecloth is obviously liturgically incorrect for the season, but my husband drew the line at a purple one. The “bling” in the center happened because this was a candleholder I’ve had for years and love, but it obviously has five glass holders. We may end up throwing a white candle in there, but a friend gifted me that purple ornament last week and it sort of just landed there.

I am not opposed to putting my Christmas tree up early, but at this point, I am also not feeling compelled to do so. I want it to happen on a day when our family can gather and spend a bit of time together enjoying the moment. With the rate things are going, that may be Christmas Eve.

And you, are you decorated — both literally and mentally — for Christmas or are you holding off? How has your Advent been so far?

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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