KNXT TV: The Church and Social Media, Part 1

Forum for a Better Understanding

Today, I’m happy to share the first of two television episodes recently recorded in my home Diocese of Fresno at our diocesan owned television station, KNXT. My fellow guest for this program is the always awesome Carson Weber. Carson and I met with “Forum for a Better Understanding” host Jim Grant for two episodes on the Church and Social Media.

In this first episode, we give a broad overview of some of the means of communicating online via tools like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. You’ll also see a few snapshots from the Vatican Bloggers Meeting and get an update on the Vatican’s youtube presence and — of course — our Tweeting Pope @Pontifex!

This “Forum” program is typically a multi-faith conversation, which explains the huge Star of David behind Carson’s head. It was our goal with this and the companion program (which I’ll share tomorrow) to educate the average person in the pew about what’s happening in Catholic new media. I’m grateful to Jim Grant, to Carson, (to my hairstylist!) and to KNXT for the opportunity! Tune back in tomorrow for Part 2.

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  • Carson Weber


  • Lisa M. Hendey

    Carson – don’t feel bad. The Star of David will be behind my head in the next episode!

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Lisa, the glasses look great on you!

    • Lisa M. Hendey

      Elizabeth thanks for saying that! I’m still so bad about not wanting to wear them. Going blind is an occupational hazard for a blogger right? I always had perfect vision, so having to wear them is yet another sign of weakness and aging! So, thanks!!

  • Angela Sealana

    Lisa, the glasses are a sign of wisdom and hipness. :)

    You guys did a great job of introducing all these topics in such a short amount of time! I’m impressed. Of course, y’all live in California and can speak so much faster than I can. LOL

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