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Yesterday, I shared with you Part 1 of the two part series recently recorded by KNXT in the Diocese of Fresno, featuring my friend Carson Weber and me speaking on the basics of Catholic social media. Remember that the emphasis in these programs is on giving an overview and also introducing basic concepts to people who may not even know the basics of Facebook and Twitter.

Indeed, I have certifiable evidence that we may — in fact — have reached our target audience. Yesterday, I emailed a link to the videos to my immediate family members (and no, most of them do not read this blog). I was pleasantly surprised to receive the following response from my non-Tweeting husband:

Those videos turned out really good.
For the first time, I understand the twitter # and @


Today, I’m pleased to share Part 2 with you. In this video, Carson and I discuss the USCCB’s social media initiatives, the Bishops and Bloggers meeting, the CNMC and our own roles in using the tools of social media in the New Evangelization.

Video Link

I ask your help in sharing this video via your own social networking platforms. We hope that they will be helpful tools for those looking to further understand the Church’s use of these technologies. A good response to the Youtube videos will also prove that we need even more mainstream (television) attention to the discussion of our use of social media in the Church. So thanks, in advance, for your help in spreading them to others.

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