“OK Glass” – Five Catholic Applications for Google Glass

Yesterday’s flurry of press about the totally awesome Google Glass project left me pondering the Catholic take on the geekiest tool to come down the pike since the Segway. You guys know me – I love this stuff. And I’ll definitely be lined up when the time comes to plop down way to much money for a tool that lets me wear my computer on my head!

Forbes had five quick tweets from folks entering the #ifihadglass contest to win a shot at being an early Glass adopter. Of course this left me pondering the Catholic applications – here are a few of my immediate ideas:

  1. Virtual Rosary Groups – Glass wearers across the globe get together to pray live streaming Rosaries together, or even the Liturgy of the Hours
  2. Catechetical Consultant – Looking for the perfect quote from the Catechism, the Bible, the Lectionary or any number of online resources during a heated apologetics debate? Let Glass find what you need quickly in the moment
  3. Sacramental Sharing – Plop on Glass (reverently, of course) and dial up that Grandma who lives across the country to let her experience the joy of her Grandson’s Confirmation
  4. Homily Helper – Cool Priest dons Glass during his sermon to access his bullet points while not appearing to read his homily from the pulpit
  5. Cardinal’s Conclave Fashion Accessory – OK – I know #5 is not going to fly, but how cool would it be to have our Cardinals’ livestreaming the papal conclave?!
Google Glass – the Perfect Catholic Geek Fashion Accessory

Anyone who wants to donate $1,500 to me so that I can be a Catholic guinea pig for Glass, leave a comment below – I promise to send you my first skydiving photo! While you’re commenting, let me know how you’d use Google Glass to enhance your faith life.

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