“Sweet Sistine” Papal Brackets? Who Can Resist?!

My first round picks are in for the Religion News Service papal brackets. I’m still not even close to publicly divulging who I’ve got going “all the way”, but I will tell you that it is one of those mentioned in the RNS Sweet Sixteen.

On a more serious note, is there “harm” in taking part in fun conclave activities like this one? I personally say, “no way”. In fact, if you stroll down to the comment boxes on that post, you’ll find the opportunity to engage in a little apologetics. Remember this is going to be a big job for all of us during the next few weeks. If you see a blatantly anti-Catholic comment, how ready are you to stand up for the truth? I personally need to take some Catholic Vitamins and work on my backbone.

Make your picks in the RNS Sweet Sistine brackets

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  • Theodore Seeber

    How the heck will we get the information for the bracket? The names all go up in smoke until we have white smoke and they announce the winner!

    (no, really- they burn all the ballots on purpose. There is a record, but it usually isn’t available until after a Pope’s death).

    • Lisa M. Hendey

      Good question!

  • Heather L

    Aren’t there enough secular things to speculate about and make light of? Why on earth would you trivialize the papal conclave when the entire media already has this angle on lock-down? You can say the people you have offended with this article need to lighten up, and there’s always a critic but honestly, if you insist on defending papal brackets then might I humbly suggest revaluation of blogging catholic topics? To whom much is given, much is expected.

    • Lisa M. Hendey

      I apologize for having offended you. I definitely did not mean to make light of this very important process. I am in prayer daily for our Cardinals, as I know you are. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting – there are others who are far more authoritative on this topic than I am… I know you’ll enjoy visiting some of my fellow bloggers here at Patheos and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.