#RallyForThePope – Plan Your Rally

From our friends at OneBillionStories.com comes the “Rally for the Pope” initiative. Here’s the blueprint:

With the chair of St. Peter vacant, the eyes of world now turn to the Vatican to learn the news of his successor. This moment in Church History has not been seen since 1415. Therefore, this is the moment in our lifetime when the one billion Catholics on earth can rally in support of our next Holy Father’s leadership and fidelity to the Magisterium! Will you be there?

1. Find your city below
2. Locate the rally point in your city
3. On the day a new Pope is elected, rally with all your Catholic friends at the first sign of white smoke

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A question for you: Seriously, how do you think you will react and/or celebrate when the announcement of the new Pope is made public?

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