Take a Peek inside the Sistine Chapel

Most of us can’t make it to Rome to observe the Conclave at the Vatican, but thanks to the work of our super Catholic media teams we have video footage like this charming piece from Catholic News Service which takes us right inside the Sistine Chapel as it is prepared to receive the Cardinals.

Be sure to turn up the sound and enjoy a taste of Italy! For a closer look, visit this interactive website for the Sistine Chapel.

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  • Theodore Seeber

    I was trying to figure out why they were putting in a water heater, then I realized it’s the modern version of a potbellied stove for burning the ballots.

  • Theodore Seeber

    Which leads to another question. The Sistine Chapel has been used for Conclaves for several hundred years. Why the heck isn’t the stove, or at least the chimney, a permanent fixture?

  • Julia

    Well…. just judging from this video, it’s kind of an ugly thing. Cool, yes. Historic, you bet. But aesthetically pleasing? Not so much. It might interfere with seeing some of the artwork as well. Plus, it could get damaged with all the tourists traffic.