What Are the Cardinals Looking for in Next Pope?

This seems to be the question of the day. On my way to the Mid-Atlantic Congress, I happened to run into a fellow attendee who was on the light rail with me from the airport to the hotel. We exchanged pleasantries, but before five minutes were up we were both speculating upon the results of the upcoming Conclave. Our opinions were wildly disparate, with each of us holding for for our preferred “Pope elect”. I am relatively certain this same conversation is happening around the country, indeed around the world, over cups of coffee, around the parish water cooler, at the dinner table and on those cobblestones outside the Vatican.

Today, Rome Reports came out with this helpful video which summarizes some of the traits our Cardinals may be seeking in the next pontiff:

It will be fascinating to watch the process unfold and see which qualities the majority found most important.

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