PopeFrancis.com: Could @Pontifex Be our First Blogging Pope?

From the Chicago Tribune this weekend came the story of the man who had the foresight to register the domain “PopeFrancis.com” and who was a cool enough person to give it to the Vatican instead of using it for personal gain:

The Vatican has officially accepted a gift to Pope Francis from Chicago lawyer Chris Connors: a fitting domain name, popefrancis.com.

Connors, who bought the domain in 2010 on a lark, had secretly hoped a pope would choose the name Francis in his lifetime, something no pope had done before.

When Pope Francis, previously Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, chose the name in March, Connors quickly offered to sign it over to the pope for free.

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At the moment, the URL is simply redirecting to the www.Vatican.va site. But I was daydreaming yesterday about all of the amazing things that could be done with PopeFrancis.com, including occasional blog posts by our Holy Father. Much of his existing content from homilies could be repurposed into thought provoking posts which could insight some great dialogue if comboxes were left open. Obviously this would involve staff commitment, but it could be a tremendous new venue for the New Evangelization.

I’m waiting for Elizabeth Scalia to extend Pope Francis an invitation to be part of the Patheos Catholic Channel. If anyone could pull it off, The Anchoress could!

A question for you: What do you think should be done with the PopeFrancis.com website?

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • It now seems to be directing to a subsite that includes translations of recent REGINA CÆLI homilies!

  • LOL, I would certainly be a follower if Anchoress had our Papa blog here. But what purpose would the blog serve? He makes a public statement nearly every day. He can write an article for the newspapers any time he wants. Somehow I can’t see the Pope putting up a Youtube video of clowns juggling to Guns and Roses music as a piece of light entertainment. 😉

  • Kudos to this lawyer. 🙂

    Vatican.va already has a section dedicated to the Holy Father’s addresses, but it doesn’t include the ‘informal’ translations of his daily homilies. I would love to see at least something like that, like an aggregate site for the Holy Father.