Will You Be Joining Pope Francis in Prayer?

Will you be praying with Pope Francis before the Blessed Sacrament?

I’m looking forward to Sunday, June 2 — the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ — when we’re all invited to pray with the Holy Father as part of a worldwide initiative. Rome Reports has the story:

I haven’t really done the math in my head, but I do believe the initiative in my own home diocese is staggered somewhat from Pope Francis’ appointed time. According to the National Catholic Register:

VATICAN CITY — For the first time in the Church’s history, Catholics worldwide will be simultaneously participating in an hour of Eucharistic adoration on Sunday, led by Pope Francis. The Holy Hour, to be broadcast from St. Peter’s Basilica on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, will take place on June 2 from 5-6pm local time. Its theme, “One Lord, One Faith,” was chosen to testify to the deep unity that characterizes it, the Vatican says.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to spending time in Adoration at our Cathedral in Fresno on Sunday. I think it is simply awesome to imagine the faithful literally around the globe praying in solidarity with the Pope’s intentions. Although my own parish has an adoration chapel, I rarely pray there – it is a former office, kept under lock and key. Spontaneous visits are next to impossible and I’ve been unable to commit to a regular hour due to my travels (I know… excuses, excuses…). I think it will be amazing to pray at our Cathedral with my Bishop and whatever priests are in attendance. Our Cathedral is a place of great physical beauty, amazing sacred art, and a congregation that is truly devout. It will be precious to pray among them.

A question for you: Do you regularly participate in Eucharistic adoration? Will you take part in a Holy Hour on Sunday? Is your parish or diocese sponsoring a Holy Hour?

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • Colleen

    Yes to all of your questions! I am looking forward to it too. A special day!

  • paul daniels

    Please advise if there will be live video streaming of the Pope’s holy hour

  • paul daniels

    please advise if there will be live video streaming of this event

  • Ettore Greco

    The only difference between Christians and Jews in one word is

    They celebrate both on the same day Good Friday and Passover but in
    memory of different events. For the Jews this is the happiest day and they
    celebrate their escape from Egypt
    while for the Christians instead it is the day that Jesus was crucified.

    Jesus was a Jew who was killed by his own only because he opposed the
    concept of one “chosen people” and invoked Equality.

    Today the concept of Equality is largely confused among Christians in
    the UK and USA. Those
    populations are like hypnotized by the concept of Individualism spread by the
    Jewish culture which is so pervasive in those two Countries.

    In our days, the Zionist media have confused the values and leveled the
    concept of Equality with the same sex marriage as if that were the debate to
    discuss in regard to Equality.

    Those Christians who do not believe in Equality are no different than
    the Jews in their Belief.


  • Stefanie

    Yes, I drop in for Adoration all the time. I am also focusing our Family RCIA monthly session around it — we will begin and end our session in the Adoration Chapel and I have been busily putting our Adoration Aid book together. I am very excited that this will be a worldwide Adoration of our Lord!

  • Iris Celeste Paustian

    Unfortunately, it just happens to fall at 10AM in my time zone, which is prime Mass time for all the Churches in town and the one that has a perpetual adoration chapel, has it locked during Mass.

    I plan on gathering with my parents (since we go to early Mass) and going to http://www.savior.org where they have the Blessed Sacrament video streaming online and spend the time at adoration that way…

    Iris Celeste

  • Pattye

    I couldn’t find a Church in our Diocese holding the Holy Hour at that time due to Mass times (11-12 noon). I then went to http://www.savior.org where I was able to be in unity before the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Spirit Sisters Convent Chapel online. It was a great experience! Also, I saw later that the Holy Father had a link to be with him in his Holy Hour at St. Peter’s but the link had expired. There are lots of creative ways to join in prayer!