Cute Kid Test-Driving Pope Mobile Steals My Heart

How awesome is this Rome Reports video of a teenager “test driving” the Popemobile?

Clearly, no words are necessary when it comes to Pope Francis. The test driver in question is Alberto di Tullio, a 17 year old who was admiring the popemobile during his June 19th visit to the General Audience. Per a Huffington Post write up on the moment:

The boy’s father, Celestino di Tullio, told The Associated Press he choked up when Francis approached his son: “The pope saw him, embraced him. Then Alberto pointed to the car, and so he brought him up!”

Was the Argentinian national soccer jersey Alberto was wearing the key to the invite? No definitive proof, but I’ll hedge my bets and remember what to wear if I find myself within spitting distance of the Pope’s car!

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  • Angela Sealana

    LOL. Great tip…gotta get an Argentinian jersey ASAP.