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If you’ve spent any time online in Catholic circles, you likely know Greg and Jennifer Willits of Rosary Army, The Catholics Next Door and New Evangelizers. When I ponder the “New Evangelization”, Greg and Jennifer are among the first faces who pop into my head. That’s likely because they were my first real “taste” of using New Media technologies to share the faith.

Long before I was a podcaster myself, and before I even knew the term “New Evangelization”, I tuned in to Greg and Jennifer and was fascinated by how this totally cool “real world” couple used my iPod (then a little Shuffle that held about ten files) to reach out to me, touch me emotionally, and to help kindle the flames of my love for Jesus Christ and his Church.

We’ve come a long way since those days. I won’t recount the story of our friendship here, but suffice to say that I’m now blessed to count these two “New Evangelizers” among some of my closest friends.

And now, it’s time to pay them back for all they have given us, for the many ways in which in their sharing of the faith they have led us closer to God.

Please take some time today to prayerfully consider supporting the New Evangelizers apostolate as a regular donor or a one-time supporter. Without funding, it’s impossible for Jennifer Willets to lead New Evangelizers into the future.

If many of us share small gifts and big prayers, together we can keep this apostolate — so greatly needed — going strong.

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • Sara

    I think “now blessed” must have turned into “not blessed” to count them among your closest friends. Not exactly the same message! 🙂

    • lisahendey

      Thanks! You’re right…