Msgr. Tighe: Seeing Church’s Social Communications in a Networked Way

I am a major fan of Msgr. Paul Tighe, the current secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. I’ve had the opportunity to hear him speak and even to meet him a few times. Knowing his tireless advocacy for efficacious communications, it’s a true thrill to watch as the Vatican continues to “get” the evolution of social media as a major force in not only the Church’s messaging, but in her teaching as well.

In this Rome Reports video, Msgr. Tighe underscores the role of the faithful in using tools like Twitter to share the Good News of the Gospel. With Pope Francis reaching over 9 million (and counting!) of us, we have the ability to take his tweets and to share them with our loved ones. In a very real sense, when we do this, we are carrying the Word to the world.

In the video, you hear Msgr. Tighe underscore the “network” component of social media communications:

“It’s much more to understand that communication today happens in a network way. It’s interactive, it’s participative. People share, people follow, people like or don’t like. And the challenge for the Church is: what does it mean for the Church to begin thinking in our communications in the context of the network?”

As the Plenary Assembly for the Pontifical Council for Social Communications meets this week, it will be fascinating to follow the members’ and consultors’ comments and findings. For a terrific firsthand account, follow PCCS Consultor Greg Erlandson’s Twitter feed and #PCCS13. I will put “attend a future Plenary Assembly” on my lifelong wish list.

In the mean time, it’s good to be a part of the “network”!

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