Pope Francis: The Church is Our Merciful Mother

From today’s General Audience catechesis with Pope Francis:

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During his Audience catechesis Pope Francis returned to the theme of the “Church as our Mother”, by reflecting on all that our earthly mothers do, live and suffer for their children.

He noted, that our mothers show us, through their tenderness and love, the correct path to follow in life, so that we may grow into adulthood, before adding that the Church too orients us on the path of life, indicating the way that leads to maturity.
He continued by saying that like a mother the Church accompanies us in mercy, in understanding, never judging us or closing the door, but offering forgiveness to help us return to the right course.

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  • TedCoates

    “[B]ut offering forgiveness to help us return to the right course.” In other words, go and sin no more.