Presider vs. Photog Smackdown: Every Bride’s Nightmare

I ran across this video today and had a little flashback to my own wedding, which was quite simple by today’s standards. You’ve got to watch this drama unfold:

Popular opinion seems to be that the “priest” (which I don’t think he’s a Catholic priest, because of the collar and the fact that they wedding is outdoors) is the wrongful party here. But I immediately thought, why is the photographer shooting from that angle? Everyone in the congregation likely saw the bride and groom, the presider and the videographer immediately behind him. Pretty intrusive…

What’s your take? Presider gone crazy, videographer in the way, or was the whole thing a fake?

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  • Terry Jones

    did her entire graduating class turn out to be bridesmaids?

  • moseynon


    I suppose it might be important to know if the idea of filming from that angle was the photographer’s idea, or the couple’s idea. One of those persons would have been responsible for making sure that the priest/minister/presider was on-board with the unconventional approach to recording the wedding ceremony.

    I can understand the appeal of seeing your faces while being married, though.

  • Newp Ort

    Rude presider. Rude videographer. EIGHT BRIDESMAIDS!?

  • Romulus

    The looks on the faces of the bride & groom are priceless. Young knuckleheads. The minister seems to be the only one taking the occasion seriously. I suspect he regretted being roped into this spectacle and had reached his breaking point.

  • AnneG

    Here, here for the presider. He was right. These 30 year old girls after their “dream wedding” don’t know that the purpose of getting married is about the marriage, not about getting your picture taken. Good for him.

  • AR

    The photographers should have discussed the matter of where they could and could not be with him prior to the ceremony beginning. I know that that is standard procedure for the photographer that did our wedding.