Would You “Bunny Ear” Pope Francis or Your Bishop?

Making the rounds this week is this photo of England rugby player Manu Tuilagi giving Prime Minister David Cameron the “bunny ears” treatment:

When I first saw the photo, I giggled and thought, “Wow, that’s funny.” But then I started to think about what I — as a mom — would think if one of my sons did that to an elected official here in our country. And I became mortified. If that had been my son giving President Obama the “bunny ears”, I would have first crawled under a rock out of embarrassment, and then promptly called him to give him an etiquette lesson. I also likely would have demanded that the son in question write a formal letter of apology, not simply a tweet.

My musings extended to my own “dream photos” — if I were able to pose with Pope Francis, with one of our American cardinals, or even with my own Bishop Ochoa, I doubt I would ever bring myself to such silliness. BUT, if I were to be able to take TWO photos with Pope Francis (or any of the above), I have to say I’d be a bit tempted to use “take two” to do something fun and memorable for my Facebook scrapbook!

So considering that Manu was likely standing in that group for at least thirty photos, perhaps I won’t blame him for having a bit of fun.

A question for you: Who would you love to pose with for a photo? Would you ever take a “playful” shot if you could pose with that person?

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • I wouldn’t have the nerve. Bet my kids would do it, though.

  • $21510458

    I know a bishop who ‘bunny ears’ kids (and the occasional adult he meets that actually has a sense of humour).