Hilarious! What Catholic School Teachers Really Do on Inservice Days

New out from Dowling Catholic High School in West Des Moines, Iowa is this hilarious video that shows “What Teachers Really Do on Inservice Days”:

If you’d like to treat yourself to the longer version, click here. I found myself laughing uproariously and watching twice. My favorite scene: Father walking in on the Twister game “prayer service”! What a great sense of spirit!

Let’s pray today for Catholic school teachers everywhere — God bless you for the tremendous job you do!

A question for you: Did you or your children attend Catholic schools? When was the last time you thanked a teacher?

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  • Valerie

    Cute! I attended Catholic schools (thru 12th grade) in St. Louis and my husband attended Catholic grade school (thru 8th grade) in Des Moines! Today, our three children attend Catholic grade school/preschool where I am currently the school’s part-time Resource Room teacher!!! I just returned to education after being a SAHM for the past 5 years and I’m loving the experience of being a Catholic school educator. It is such a different atmosphere from my public school teaching days..I love that we strive to educate the whole child…always remembering that our ultimate goal is to help them reach Heaven!