I’m Saving to Bid on a Holy Harley

I’m Saving to Bid on a Holy Harley

Out from The Telegraph this weekend, news that Pope Francis intends to donate his recently received Harley Davidson motorcycle to benefit a Caritas-run soup kitchen:

The motorbike presented to the Pope will be auctioned to raise money for refurbishment at the hostel and soup kitchen run by charity Caritas near Rome’s Termini station.

Caritas Roma has more information on their website:

The motorcycle, which the Pontiff received by the motorcycle during the gathering of bikers for the 110th anniversary of the U.S. held in Rome in June, will be auctioned or sold . The proceeds will be used to fund the renovation of the canteen and the hostel “Don Luigi Di Liegro” Caritas Termini Station : two important services which, since 1987, working to alleviate the suffering of about a thousand people every day.

The gift of Pope Francis was announced by director of Caritas own during the press conference of presentation of the restructuring of the two centers , which was held in the Hall of Protomoteca of the Capitol. Monsignor Fierce, calling himself “the word lends” the poor in Rome, thanked Pope Francesco “in the name of all those who will benefit from this work of welcome and solidarity”, assuring the Pope that “the poor, with whom I celebrate the Holy Mass every Sunday, will continue to support with prayer the valuable work he is doing in the vineyard of the Lord. “

As a 50 year old woman with empty nest syndrome and a bad case of writers’ block, I’m trying to figure out how I can save up the money to buy Pope Francis’ Harley. I’m pretty sure that riding that Holy Hog would provide a great deal of inspiration… I’ve only been on the back seat of a Harley once, but it’s an experience I remember with great excitement. I can’t even begin to dream about how cool it would be to ride one that had been a gift to our Holy Father!

A question for you: Have you ever ridden a Harley?


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