From the “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” Files: Motorcyle Taxi Ban in Liberia

I would totally ride on one of these!

From a friend who was on my Rwanda trip with me comes this BBC link, sharing the news that Liberia has banned motorcycle taxis in the capital city of Monrovia:

Police set up roadblocks at key intersections to enforce the ban after accusing the bikers of riding recklessly and causing accidents.

The privately owned motorcycle taxis are the main mode of transport in Monrovia and many other African cities.

Some carry up to five people when they are only meant to take two.

Bummer? Or blessing?

I say, “Bummer” internally because from the moment I saw the motorcycle taxis in Rwanda, I wanted to go for a spin. In Rwanda, they’re safe… they give customers a helmet and (according to this article!) even provide a “hygenic head-cover”!

So since I didn’t get to go — and in honor of Liberia’s ban — I share this total awesome moto-taxi video:

MOTO TAXI IN RWANDA from Franz Krekeler on Vimeo.

Let’s hope he drank that beer AFTER the videographer jumped on the back of his cycle!

Next time, I’m definitely going for a spin! St. Colombanus, Patron Saint of Motorcyclists, pray for us.

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