Small Success Thursday: Attitude of Gratitude

Thursday is really one of my favorite days. In my life, “weekend” doesn’t really exist since I’m married to an ER doctor. “Saturday” is whatever day he has off, even if it’s Tuesday.

But Thursday is different this year. Along with my early wakeup call to join my friends at the Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick as a technology contributor, I rush to church to join my “sisters in Christ” at my prayer group. This is something new for me this year — since it’s my first year as an empty nester, morning time no longer means waking up slumbering teens and getting them off to school.

In a short time, I’ve grown to love my group. And praying with them never ceases to remind me of how blessed I am. So when I came home today and spied the title for Sherry Antonetti’s “Small Success” post at, I had to giggle. In it, she shares:

Counting the blessings: forcing myself to stop and count the blessings.  This is why Small Success Thursday matters so much for me personally.  I can easily count the non-blessings and the trials, and it drowns the spirit in trivial pain, death by dust bunnies, bills, errands, and splinters.

So I need to count the blessings as a protest against the sharper edges and wear-and-tear of everyday life.   It is an act of defiance, not in the league of the woman who named her child Joy, but a step closer to her type of faith life, and farther from the not so pleasant person I could be if I stay steeped in the and and and pile of living.  I need the both and.

So here are the little blessings/successes I’m praising God for this week:

  1. This is actually a biggie, but I’m thanking God for leading me to a big decision to finally ask for some help. You can read all about that here. Best.Choice.Ever! In short, let me just say that “knowing when to say when” is less humiliating than it is liberating. Please pray that I will have the financial resources to continue with this blessing.
  2. I had a great chat with my friend Hugh Macken on his Blog Talk Radio program. We chatted about my trip to Rwanda — you can listen to a recording of that here.
  3. Finally, and probably most importantly, Greg and I worked as a team to confront an issue that arose. Not that we don’t usually do that, but in this situation there was the potential for tremendous stress. In this case, that didn’t happen. For that, I am grateful to the source of all that is good!

Now it’s your turn! Go to for all of the instructions.

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • Sherry

    Thanks Lisa!

  • Constance

    It is such a blessing to unite in the face of adversity. Glad it was not as stressful as you thought it would be.

    • lisahendey

      Constance, the fact that we responded as a cohesive unit definitely made it less stressful than it would have been otherwise. We’ve married so long that perhaps that approach should be a foregone conclusion, but I regret to say that sometimes I function independently without seeking input from my best friend and partner. Thankfully in this case, I looked before leaping!

      • Constance

        I understand. I have been married for 3.5 years so I am still learning. I have to remember that I am not on my own anymore.

        • lisahendey

          Well I’ve been married 27+ years and I’m still learning!

          • I find that the more irregular my husband’s work hours get, the more likely I get used to having to make those “executive decisions” on my own. Then, when he’s back on a normal schedule, we’ve forgotten how to team up. It’s an effort I still have to remember to make.

          • Nailed it, Barb. Me too. It’s all too easy to forget how to be a team.

  • Emily Davis

    Great post.
    I love that you went to Rwanda. I’m now going to have to read your other post too. AND I love that you and your husband are a team. Whatever the adversity it’s easier to squelch as a team.


  • Those are some BIG successes right there! Congratulations!

  • Colleen

    Great list! Great successes! I know #1 is a biggie. Will pray for you!

  • Erika Marie

    Woo hoo! I’m excited about your decision to contract with Sarah! She’s already done amazing things for our Catholic Mom community and elsewhere. I look forward to seeing what else will come of her involvement. I’m glad for you and your family too and hope this takes some of the load off you. It’s hard to say no but you’re right, it’s great when we finally realized our limits.

  • Awwwww. I’m just reading this and what a blessing to BE a blessing. You’re a blessing to me too, dear Lisa.

    And that working together thing? HUGE. Good for you!