Sweet Tweets for 1/25/14 – For Life and Clothed in Christ

Thank you to John Clem for making this weekly feature possible!

  • Papal Tweet:  “We are called to live our baptism every day, as new creatures, clothed in Christ.” (Pope Francis Jan. 24)
  • Lightning breaks finger off Christ statue – to be repaired next month | New York Post http://ow.ly/sHUqQ 
  • Graphic to Share: If God is all you have, you have all you need. John 14:8 (Share Catholic) http://ow.ly/i/4kiXd 
  • Video: Letting in the Light – 4th Generation stained glass artist. Sylvia Nicholas – + sculpture, & mosaics (USCCB) http://bcove.me/dyaw6mkf 
  • ▶ Music : All The People Said Amen in All The People Said Amen( Matt Maher) – SoundCloud http://ow.ly/sIrV4 
  • 2014 Best Picture Nominations – Busted Halo http://ow.ly/sIsjt 
  • Catholic Rosaries for Men or for anyone that appreciates a rugged strong rosary! | CordBands http://ow.ly/sIsLU  http://realmenpraytherosary.org/ 
  • Video: The Waters of Greenstone — God’s Beauty shown in the South Island of New Zealand (Nathan Kaso) http://vimeo.com/83907617 
  • Pope Francis Angelus: Jan. 19 is 100th annual World Day for Migrants and Refugees http://ow.ly/sJcpx
  • Sacred Sites & Religious Travel – Sacred Destinations (now included on Google Field Trip App) http://ow.ly/sJZ85 
  • Reference: Notes on Addressing Clergy (fish eaters) http://ow.ly/sJZCJ 
  • Best Pope Francis Photos: The Pontiff’s Most Moving Moments (Huff Post Religion) http://ow.ly/sKH6D 
  • Video: An Exclusive Interview with the Custos | Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land (Fr Pierbattista Pizzaballa) http://ow.ly/sSDtp 
  • SuperPope – (Laura Stephens) Busted Halo http://ow.ly/sOMSe 
  • Tech Tip for Parents: New router lets parents monitor Internet use (USA Today) http://ow.ly/sLM8s 
  • Vatican releases World Communication Day remarks: Communication at the Service of an Authentic Culture of Encounter http://ow.ly/sRTxb 
  • Video: Pope on World Communication Day: Slow Down, Engage, Help (Rome Reports) http://ow.ly/sTIyd 
  • Media hacks’ cheat sheet. What the pope wants you to know in bite-sized bits | CNS Blog http://ow.ly/sUVHK 
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) launches account on Instagram http://ow.ly/sSycs 
  • The Church Needs Hobbits – (Brian Brown) Aleteia http://ow.ly/sSyDn 
  • Video: Pope Francis blesses the lambs that will provide wool for archbishops’ palliums (Rome Reports) http://ow.ly/sOMfd 
  • What do the Stages of Starvation have to teach us about the demise of the West? « Archdiocese of Washington http://ow.ly/sUrpk 
  • Video: Highlights of celebration on Jan. 23rd for 30th Annivesary of US and Vatican diplomatic relations (US Embassy) http://youtu.be/xgvgSVQfG8Q 
  • Video: We celebrate National Catholic Schools Week January 26 – February 1, 2014 | NCEA http://ow.ly/sUGqL 
  • Video: Celebrating Catholic Schools Week Jan. 26 – Feb. 1 (USCCB) http://youtu.be/-lHucVF1BeI 
  • Satire: Pope Francis’s Breastfeeding Support & Affordable Sainthood – The Colbert Report | Comedy Central http://ow.ly/sOMK8 
  • CNS STORY: Court continues injunction protecting Little Sisters from HHS mandate ow.ly/sW35Y
  • Pope Francis encourages increased participation of women in Church (Vatican Radio) http://ow.ly/sWDjf 
March for Life 2014. Photo Credit: John Clem

Sweet Tweets from 2014 March for Life:

  • Papal Tweet:  “I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers. May God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable.”  (Pope Francis Jan. 22)
  • Top 13 quotable quotes by Pope Francis on sanctity of life | CNS Blog http://ow.ly/sOLTd 
  • Why Anti-Catholic Prejudice Ought to Bother Everyone (Fr. Barron) | National Review Online http://ow.ly/sOLiY 
  • Six surprising changes to the anti-abortion March for Life – CNN Belief Blog – http://CNN.com  Blogs http://ow.ly/sOQXY 
  • Thoughts on the Miracle of Life as we March on Cold and Snowy Day! « Archdiocese of Washington http://ow.ly/sORGM 
  • Cold Hard Truth — March for Life 2014 | (John Clem) Call To Holiness http://ow.ly/sRhcW 
  • Video: The King’s New Clothes – Cardinal Seán O’Malley’s incredible March for Life homily 2014 (CTV) http://youtu.be/lupwh0-D9wk 
  • A Saint for the Cause of Life: Jerome Lejeune – Aleteia http://ow.ly/sUUZD 
John Clem, Catholic Web Services

John Clem is the Director and Media Minister at Catholic Web Services (http://catholicws.com/). John is currently in formation to join the Secular Franciscan Order, and loves to share his talents in faith, technology, and journalism in service to the church.  John also writes a blog entitled Call To Holiness  (http://www.calltoholiness.us/). Follow John on Twitter at @Catholicwebs, on Facebook and at Google+.

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