Personalities: What’s Yours and Does It Matter for Catholics?

What is your personality type?

A good friend — who shall go nameless unless he/she outs him/herself in the combox — invited me to take a personality test last week. Since I was on vacation and my guys were still sleeping, I avoided the “I’m too busy” temptation and took the simple fifteen minute test.

The results were interesting, and sort of “dead on”.

Turns out, I’m an an ENFP.

I sort of remember taking a version of this test years ago when Greg and I were in marriage preparation classes. Unfortunately, I do not remember the results either of us received. And I think it’s unlikely that my uber-busy husband will be sitting down to take this new test any time soon. Taking this version made me curious about how my 23 year old self would have answered the questions and how she’d think about her fifty year old counterpart’s responses.

I’m willing to bet that I was a different type back in those days. Marriage and parenthood, breast cancer and a deepening of my faith life have morphed me and changed my priorities. I can also look at my list strengths and weaknesses and view them more objectively. Understanding my limitations helps me to have a better context for implementing my core mission as a Catholic. Knowing my gifts helps me to pinpoint how I might better serve God and those around me.

A question for you: How about you? Have you taken this type of test? What has it taught you about yourself and your relationships?

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