Google Glass & the New Evangelization – Potential Applications for Catholics

There it was in my inbox this morning: another invitation to plop down $1,500 to be an “explorer” in the Google Glass Explorer Program.

If you’re a regular reader here, you know how this taunts me. I’m a huge geek, so the idea of wearing Glass is thrilling. But I’m also a realist who understands just how much the technology will improve over the next few years, and also how very limited my budget for “tech toys” is.

So instead of clicking “sign me up”, I’ve been daydreaming about some potential ways that Catholics could use Glass to share our faith with others. I’ve come up with a few:

  • Put Glass on a Swiss Guard who will have a great view of the upcoming canonizations and give the world an insider’s perspective on the day.
  • Have a baby’s Godparent wear Glass to the child’s Baptism so that out of town relatives can be present for the sacrament.
  • Challenge teens or young adults to wear Glass while sharing their faith on campus, along the sports field, or at a social event. Let their parents and teachers observe some of the major challenges they face living as a Catholic in today’s world.
  • Give a seminarian Glass and let him broadcast the cool things he experiences along the path to priesthood, and yes, some of the trials as well — perhaps this could encourage some vocations along the way.
  • Parishes could use Glass to provide training videos for Liturgical ministers — some folks hesitate to sign up for Lectoring or other ministries out of fear of the unknown. Watching a video made with Glass could perhaps ease their nerves and encourage them to get involved.
  • Respectfully use Glass to share some lesser-known Catholic traditions to teach the rest of the world what we’re doing inside our churches, for example, have a priest wear Glass on Holy Thursday as he washes the feet of the faithful.

These are just a few of the brainstorms I’ve had. I would love to hear your ideas on how we might incorporate this new technology into the New Evangelization.

And hey, if Google’s reading this and wants a Catholic blogger to experiment with a complimentary Glass, sign me up!

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  • Mudhammutt (DaveUcannotta)

    Maybe Catholics could just learn to practice their faith without the proselytizing. The more you proselytize, the more you become guilty of imposing your ideas on other people, which cannot and should not be tolerated in free societies. Oh, but wait – maybe you just cannot practice your faith without imposing it on others, and maybe that is why you don’t deserve to be tolerated. Teaching your children that they will be tortured in eternal hellfire if they fail to behave (even when they cIannot, given some neurological conditions) is tantamount to child abuse (doesn’t matter if you believe that, it’s psychologically harmful), so think again before you plead not guilty on damaging impositions. Telling a child that certain physically natural behaviors are wrong, based on nothing more than a collection of crusty old rants and dogmas is just plain sickening, and telling a young woman that she has no right to her physical autonomy is wrong no matter what you base that assertion on.

    I do not normally visit blogs where I find the prevailing philosophy disagreeable, but I got sidetracked here on account of your post has made today’s front page. Congratulations!

    • lisahendey

      Dave… I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me – just wanted to share with you that this post was written in a spirit of sharing positive aspects of my faith with others. Additionally, just wanted to share that the term “New Evangelization” often relates to Catholics renewing their commitment to the gospels within themselves… you can find more on that at

      You are welcome to visit my blog any time. I’m not attempted to proselytize, simply to write on topics of faith that interest me.

    • Andy

      Why are you imposing on everyone your ideas of non-imposition?

  • Andy
  • radiofreerome

    Send google glass to Nigerian Christians so they can use face recognition to identify and round up accused gays. That way they can impress their Muslim
    neighbors and save their own skins which is really all the Vatican and the Archbishop of Canterbury care about.

  • The flurry of press about the totally awesome Google Glass project left me pondering the Catholic take on the geekiest tool to come down the pike since the Segway. You guys know me – I love this stuff. And I’ll definitely be lined up when the time comes to plop down way to much money for a tool that lets me wear my computer on my head!