Awake, Fans of Middle Earth and Narnia!

And Thanksgiving just keeps on going!

Today, SIX MINUTES of footage from the Extended Edition of The Return of the King is online … here.

And your first glimpse of the enchanted Wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia is … here.

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  • W.A.S.

    I’m an unabashed Star Wars ubergeek (as if you couldn’t tell), but I’ve got to agree with Jeff on this one. The directing on Episodes I & II could have been better. Heresy you say? Don’t get me wrong. I consider George Lucas a friggin’ genius, but I think that he should have allowed someone else to helm the filming. I mean, that formula worked great with Kershner on Empire and Kasdan on Jedi. There are a few scenes that will always make me cringe…some of those with Jake Lloyd in Phantom Menace, and the romance segments in Attack of the Clones. Word has it that Spielberg helped his buddy out with this one, which would be fantastic. I’ve got high expectations.

    As for me, I’m currently reading the novels that lead up to Revenge of the Sith.

  • Justin

    I bought the book the other day, and I got the “making of” book as well. Havent read either. I am curious why everyone loves to trash on Lucas for his films. He is shooting 1930’s style movies. He admits this. It’s not that he cannot direct actors, it’s just he uses a different style. If Bogart was an actor today his performances would have been considered “wooden”, just because of the evolution of film. I love Peter Jackson’s work, I think he is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. However, I do not think you can really compare him to Lucas, they make totally different films. I also feel like the Academy should recognize Lucas, obviously not for best picture, but for what he has contributed to the art of film making. I could go on and on about what Lucas has done to make film making better, but I will digress. I just think people should quit talking badly about him, just because they don;t like his films.

  • Polka Dotted Pickles

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to the movie! Can’t wait to see what happens. I haven’t read the book though. Admittedly, I haven’t read any of the books. *Sigh*

  • crimsonline

    No looking glass on the door.

    For that matter, TWO DOORS!

    This can’t be the Wardrobe.