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UPDATED: "Sin City" responses, reviews…

Keep checking back to this post, and I'll include some Sin City reviews that are worth reading. … [Read more...]

Beck’s "Guero" is here, and so is Over the Rhine’s new album!

If you have a surround sound DVD system, do not buy the new Beck album Guero on CD.Instead, purchase the DELUXE DVD version!! It has the entire album, plus several extra tracks, videos for the songs, and more. The surround sound experience is fantastic. Beck clearly conceived of these songs for this format--they're busy with little details, and they're spacious enough that you can explore them in different ways with each listen. I rarely listen to an album three times through without a … [Read more...]

I’ll be blogging a bit less this week…

A new assignment has suddenly commandeered my calendar for the rest of the week. The demands of the next few days are going to test my limits, but I am excited to try and meet the challenge.Are you curious yet? … [Read more...]

All Credit to Richard Seven

I can only thank Richard Seven once again for letting me be a part of Pacific Northwest Magazine. Look at the letters coming in to The Seattle Times. I hope the higher-ups take note of this and give the guy a bonus. … [Read more...]

Anne Charms the Crowd Again

At every single one of Anne Overstreet's poetry readings, I sit there in a mix of amazement, wonder, and joy that I have the privilege of being more than just a fan.  … [Read more...]

At last! Paul Thomas Anderson’s got a new movie!

I've been waiting for news about the next Paul Thomas Anderson film for a long, long time. … [Read more...]

The Best of Youth (2003) – A Guest Review by J. Robert Parks

This is a guest review contributed by J. Robert Parks.-How can I convince you to devote six hours of your life to a single movie? Especially when that movie is an Italian film starring actors you've probably never heard of. And unlike Hollywood's marketing obsessions, there's no sex, little violence, and no special effects. Why would anyone travel up to Chicago's Music Box theater (starting this Friday) for such a thing when spring is hopefully around the corner?Well, let me put it … [Read more...]

Dogville (2004)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today on March 26, 2004. -There is an unforgettable scene in Dogville. It is unconventional, risky, unsettling, and it sums up writer/director Lars von Trier's rage against human hard-heartedness. In a wordless moment, the camera, the actors, the stage and the silence offer us a sobering observation. All that comes before it has set the stage for this moment, when the movie makes its chilling revelation.Like Jesus' parable of the Good … [Read more...]

Want to see the new Russell Crowe film for free?

You could wait until next fall to see Ron Howard's new film, Cinderella Man, starring Russell Crowe. You could go to the theatre and pay nine bucks for the privilege.Or, you could see pretty much the whole thing here, for free, and it'll only take about a minute.Thanks, Ron! Now I don't have to sit through the extended version!And what a performance by Paul Giamatti. Wow. Looks like that snub at the Oscars took a toll on his hairline. … [Read more...]

Anne Overstreet – First Poetry Reading of 2005

My favorite poet will be reading at 7 p.m. on March 28, Monday, at Victrola. … [Read more...]