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U2 – Live in Seattle last night: A great show, slightly "dismantled" halfway through

I've seen U2 perform live four times now, and I've seen the film "Rattle and Hum" almost ten times on the big screen, along with countless DVD viewings, so I know what they're capable of.Thus, I had high hopes about what would take place in KeyArena last night for the "Vertigo" tour. And when the band took the stage with a searing, blistering, blow-out-the-back-wall version of "Love and Peace Or Else," I was once again swept up on waves of energy and light. It was a euphoric experience as … [Read more...]

Bruce Springsteen and the Catholic Imagery on His New Album

I heard the new Bruce Springsteen song "Jesus was an Only Son" this morning, and it was a beautiful thing. … [Read more...]

I Have Seen Aslan.

Saw the first full-length trailer for The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe at Biola's Media Conference. Twice. That's how much the crowd loved it.Can't say more at this point, except that all of the main characters get their close-ups, and it's all colorful, vivid, and kaleidoscopic. New Zealand is, surprise, awe-inspiring.The big breaking news concerning this though is that Bryan Cox is not going to be the voice of Aslan. Got this straight from the head of Disney voice casting. Cox … [Read more...]

Biola Day Two

Highlights:A one-on-one long lunch with Ralph Winter, producer of the X-Men movies and Fantastic Four. Can't wait to tell you about it.Bumping into Joe Kirk and Tim Porter from Paste Magazine. Wow!Meeting more Looking Closer readers like Nate Bell!Meeting filmmakers who read Looking Closer, like Rik Swartzwelder!Talking with Lori McCreary, who works with Morgan Freeman and Act One : Writing for Hollywood!Interviewing Terry Botwick. Look him up. What a career he's … [Read more...]

Biola Day One

After I made the acquaintance of Greg Stump (I love meeting Looking Closer readers... it usually ends up with me becoming a big fan of them instead of the other way around), and we had a hearty breakfast, I took to strolling the sidewalks at Biola under a cloudy grey sky.The very first person I saw on campus was Craig Detweiler. He was engrossed in a conversation with some other faculty at a table, but his was the only face I could see. Good. Important contact #1 on campus! Detweiler's books … [Read more...]

So long, Over the Rhine… Biola, here I come!

Thanks to Greg Stump for volunteering to get me from the airport to a hearty lunch and then to Biola for the beginning of a marathon of interviews and meetings!Got off to a great start by warming up with Over the Rhine at the Tractor Tavern last night, where you could have spotted quite an array of people from all circles of my Seattle life... from Anne my Favorite Woman in the World to the editors of Image to the Psychology office staff from Seattle Pacific to Bill Pritchard who once ran … [Read more...]

13 Years of Waiting are Coming to an End for T-Bone Burnett Fans

Billboard has the scoop.T-Bone Burnett's new album is on the way. … [Read more...]

I was wrong about Star Fast.

As commentors pointed out, and my editor at CT discovered... I was wrong. … [Read more...]

Jack Black, a Wrestling Priest? Donnie Darko Director Directs The Rock?

Jack Black will play a wrestling preacher. That's funny enough without a punchline. … [Read more...]

Where will you be the first week of August?

You might want to consider this. … [Read more...]