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Occasional blogging this week: I’m relaxing and writing in Santa Fe.

I'm sitting at The Tea House on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, working on Cal-raven's Ladder.It's the week of the Glen Workshop, my favorite week of the year. I'm surrounded by writers and artists and musicians I admire. Tonight I'm introducing novelist Bret Lott for the keynote address, so I need to compose something for the occasion.I don't want to go into details here, but God carried Anne and I through a rather frightful experience this weekend. So many things can go wrong on the road, … [Read more...]

WALL·E (2008) – A Review and a Conversation with Andrew Stanton

This review and interview were originally published in the online edition of Response, a magazine published by Seattle Pacific University.-Who would have believed that a mechanical trash compactor on wheels would become the most lovable big-screen personality of the year?It’s happening. The moviemaking wizards at Pixar Animation Studio are winning raves from kids and critics alike with WALL·E, thanks to the help of a little robot with a big heart. Yes, it’s business as usual for the s … [Read more...]

Browser, 7/24: The Balcony is Closed; Tron 2?; Wolverine;

THE BALCONY IS CLOSEDRoger Ebert blogs: I was surprised how depressed I felt all day on July 21, when Richard and I announced we were leaving the "Ebert and Roeper" program. To be sure, our departures were voluntary. We hadn't been fired. And because of my health troubles, I hadn't appeared on the show for two years. But I advised on co-hosts, suggested movies, stayed in close communication with Don DuPree, our beloved producer-director. The show remained in my life. Now, after 33 years, it … [Read more...]

Film Forum: Brideshead Revisited

Congratulations to my good friend Alissa Wilkinson, who makes her debut as a Christianity Today Movies film critic today with a 3 1/2 - star review for Brideshead Revisited: … [Read more...]

Sympathy for the Devil: Derrickson on “Paradise Lost”

When the sun sets on the new remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, where will writer/director Scott Derrickson go next? … [Read more...]

Today’s interview: Do you want to believe in “The X-Files” again?

I've just seen The X-Files 2: I Want to Believe, and my review will be at on Friday morning.But before I say anything about the movie, I'm interviewing YOU. … [Read more...]

Thomas Hibbs Gets “The Dark Knight.” Plus: Andrew Sarris.

And here... we... GO!Thomas Hibbs from First Things: It would be hard to imagine a more compelling embodiment of the escalation of evil in Gotham than what Nolan and actor Heath Ledger have created in the character of The Joker, whose insouciant embrace of chaos eclipses the malevolence of Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs and John Doe from Se7en. What makes Nolan‚Äôs latest film such a success is not, however, Ledger‚Äôs compelling presentation of evil, on which critics have focused … [Read more...]

Yancey: How C.S. Lewis shaped my faith and writing

Philip Yancey in CT:Lewis has taught me a style of approach that I try to follow in my own writings. To quote William James, "... in the metaphysical and religious sphere, articulate reasons are cogent for us only when our inarticulate feelings of reality have already been impressed in favor of the same conclusion." In other words, we rarely accept a logical argument unless it fits an intuitive sense of reality. The writer's challenge is to nurture that intuitive sense -- as Lewis had done … [Read more...]

“We care for the environment precisely because God will create a new earth.”

If you ever overhear me muttering threats while I read Christian media, it's likely that I've discovered more "Christian" shows of contempt for environmentalists.It's amazing how often I find fellow believers putting down those who strive to save the natural world our Creator made. I get sick to my stomach when I hear that Christians disregard the state of the environment because, well, Jesus is coming back soon so why worry about global warming?And when certain Christian movie-review … [Read more...]

“The Dark Knight”: More Than a Box Office Champ

The Dark Knight set an impressive box office record this weekend.But that's not the only list it topped.(Thanks to Scott Derrickson, who sent the link and prompted me to post this.)Granted, this IMDB list is vulnerable to surges, and as time passes, I'm sure it will drop in the rankings. The integrity of the list is quite suspect anyway; if memory serves, The Shawshank Redemption was #1 for quite a while. (Best movie ever? Really?) But still, this is quite a feat for a superhero … [Read more...]