Registration for The Glen Workshop 2009 is open!

Come join the fun, the inspiration, the awe…

Anne and I will be visiting the Glen Workshop for the fifth summer in a row. It’s our favorite week of the year. We call it a “sneak preview of heaven.”

And just look at the list of intriguing special guests who will be teaching workshops…

  • Andy Crouch
  • B.H. Fairchild
  • Marilyn Nelson
  • Valerie Sayers
  • Lauren Winner
  • Mark St. Germain
  • Lynn Aldrich
  • Joel Sheesley
  • Barry Moser
  • Over the Rhine
  • Debbie Blue

And let us not forget: A meeting of The Thomas Parker Society.

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  • Barbara Falconer Newhall

    Kris, You won’t need a car at the Glen. Some people bring them and very graciously give rides into town to the rest of us. Take the shuttle from the airport.

  • Kris

    Jeffrey – Regarding Glen,any suggestions in relation to on campus housing – dorm versus suites? I don’r rhink I ‘ll be renting a car…or should I?

    I have been trying for 2 years to go but 2099 is finally going to be my chance , I think!

  • Stephen

    Man, I’d love to make it to this. I’ll see if I can work it out.