Happy 30th Anniversary to a Man and a Woman!

Last Tuesday marked the 30th anniversary of the marriage of Paul Hewson and Ali Stewart. If those names aren’t familiar to you, then you’re probably not much of a U2 fan.

Here’s an article about the two of them published last year at this time.

(Wow. Looking at this picture, I can suddenly imagine Carey Mulligan playing Ali in a movie.)

And in their honor, here’s one of my favorite songs by a guy named Bono, who’s been “married” to his band for several decades too. (In fact, this is my favorite track from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, a song that they have sadly neglected in their live performances.)

Let them be examples to us all. (Anne and I are 14 years behind them, and gaining fast…)

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  • StuartB

    They did do one live performance of A Man and a Woman, or at least Bono and The Edge did…anniversary concert from the Clinton Library or something…

    • Jeffrey Overstreet

      Yeah, I remember that. It was cool to see that they remember the song, but it was nothing like the full-band live version I can imagine them delivering.