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Sometimes There’s a Man: Who’s the World’s Most Masculine Guy?

Close your eyes. If I say the word "masculine," who is the first familiar face that you see?Who's the man?Post your choice in the Comments.For most people, it'll probably be somebody famous... an action movie star or an athlete or a rock star. Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Lebron James. Denzel Washington. John Wayne. Bruce Willis. Bradley Cooper. Idris Elba. Justin Timberlake. Liam Neeson. Daniel Craig. Bruce Springsteen.Masculinity is usually associated with strength, aggression, and … [Read more...]

Scorsese’s Interest: “What About the Soul and the Heart?”

"As you get older, ideas go and come," says Martin Scorsese. "Questions, answers, loss of the answer again and more questions, and this is what really interests me."He's answering a question about a movie, believe it or not. And if you've been following this blog for long, you'll know which one. But it's what he goes on to say about his motivations that I find most intriguing... … [Read more...]

“Upstream Color” – Don’t Miss It

Upstream Color, the new film written by, directed by, scored by, starring, sliced and diced by, shaken and stirred by, danced by, implanted by, effed-up by, and birthed by Shane Carruth is... well, wait, let's just stop right there for a moment.America, we have a filmmaker. In the most comprehensive sense of the word.While the credits tell you Carruth plays the male lead — a troubled divorcé named Jeff — I'm tempted to guess that Amy Seimetz is just an alias, and Carruth plays the female … [Read more...]

Look! An April Shower of Distractions – Six Intriguing Links

Just in case you missed them, here's a list of six distractions from the past few days. It's a parade of bizarre attractions starring...- Quentin Tarantino - Steve Taylor - Donald Miller - Roman Coppola and Wes Anderson - Andrew Sullivan - Steve Martin - Edie Brickell - and a feast served by somebody named... Babette.If you have work to do, avoid the following links at all costs... … [Read more...]

To The Wonder (2012): An All-Thumbs Review

What follows is the first episode of a new review series that I'm calling All-Thumbs Video.I've been dreaming of a new venture in long-form film criticism — reviews as fiction. As a speed-writing exercise, I’ll explore conflicting thoughts and feelings about film in rough-draft scenes set in one of the last video stores on earth.This first chapter focuses on Terrence Malick's To the Wonder. I’ve seen the film three times now, and I’m still wrestling with it, arguing with myself and a vari … [Read more...]

Roger Ebert and Todd Rendleman: An Unexpected Friendship, A Remarkable Memoir

April 19th will be the one-year anniversary of the publication of Rule of Thumb: Roger Ebert at the Movies, by Todd Rendleman.Rendleman, who works with me at Seattle Pacific University, met me for coffee and we talked for a long time about his correspondence with Roger Ebert, about the development of the book, and about how Ebert himself came to write the foreword for it.That interview is now available at Response, the magazine published by Seattle Pacific University, quite unexpectedly … [Read more...]

Thank You, Roger Ebert. Now, Rest in Peace. [Updated April 6th.]

"A movie is not about what it is about. It is about how it is about it."- Roger Ebert, 1942-2013 … [Read more...]