The Muslim Protagonist


Columbia University hosted the second annual symposium, The Muslim Protagonist: “A Synthesis of Journeys” this past weekend, sponsored by Columbia University’s Muslim Student Association. The event featured Muslim writers, artists,  and other emerging creative voices.

An event like this is evidence that Muslim cultural creatives are moving into the space of cultural producers rather than just cultural consumers, inshAllah.

You know the cool part? Our influence is global. And as we celebrate our own identity, we also intersect with humanity on issues of personal struggle, postcolonialism, loss, joy, creativity, carving out our own space, and the big one — love.

The existence of successful Muslims writers, filmmakers, designers, artists and musicians demonstrates to the world (and to ourselves) that we are fully and gloriously human.

The event featured an exciting array of personalities. LoveInshallah has celebrated some protagonist voices on the site:

photo 5

photo 3

  • Michael Muhammad Knight  (@MM_Knight) sat down with LoveInshallah for our first author interview podcast, discussing Tripping with Allah: Islam, Drugs and Writing. He was dropping knowledge at The Muslim Protagonist Conference, as retweeted by LoveInshallah’s own Ayesha Mattu:

photo 2

Check out The Muslim Protagonist on Twitter (search for #muslimprotag to see the lively discussion). Also, don’t miss cartoonist Connie Sun’s artistic rendering of the event.

What emerging artists, writers, musicians and personalities do you feel are changing the narrative?

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