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Last Minute Radio Interview Tonight

I just got a last minute call about being a guest tonight on the Direct Line radio show with Wayne Kent. It’s a live call-in show, and I’ll be on talking about gay marriage from 5:15-5:45pm. This show is broadcast in a rural market, so pray for my time tonight as I get asked questions [Read More…]

On Wed, April 29th at 8am CST I will be interview on the UK’s largest Christian radio station. The 20 minute interview will be taped, and then rebroadcasted on the show Premier Drive. It looks as though after it airs, they will put a podcast of it on their website. Please pray that the Lord [Read More…]

My New Painting

This is a painting that I commissioned Scott Erickson, an artist friend of mine, to paint. Scott has painted in some huge venues to some really big time people, so this is a big honor for me. This painting is a deconstructed cross with the following words overlaid: LoveBridge BuildingUnconditionalFaithSexualityCultureTensionImmersionGLBTListenJames 2:10Matthew 7:1-2Romans 5:3-4 This paining [Read More…]

Pictures of the new The Marin Foundation Offices

There have been some very new and very humbling things happening recently. One of which has been the full donation to The Marin Foundation of a substantial amount of office/class space! We just moved in a week and a half ago (and when you look at the pictures you’ll see we haven’t decorated yet), and [Read More…]

Recent Mentions of Love is an Orientation

Here are some recent mentions of Love is an Orientation: 1. It was brought to my attention yesterday that on Jim Wallis’ blog, God’s Politics, Brian McLaren wrote a post mentioning myself and Love is an Orientation (the same post also later showed up on Brian’s blog as well). I am much appreciative, but then [Read More…]

3 Very Special Moments

There are a few times in life where your heart is truly touched—and here are three of them that have happened recently that not only brought me to tears, but gave me some encouraging perspective on what I’m actually doing through The Marin Foundation. 1. A year and a half ago a guy wrote a [Read More…]

Tonight’s Living in the Tension Gathering

Tonight is our forth Living in the Tension Community Gathering. In remembrance of last Friday’s Day of Silence, we will be discussing the topic of: Shame in the Closet and its Impact in All Our LivesFeel free to join us tonight at 5249 N. Ashland Ave, Room 120 at 7pm. Much [Read more…]

Review Love Is An Orientation on Amazon

I was told by my publicists that one of the next important steps for my book is for people to start reviewing Love Is An Orientation on my book’s Amazon page (scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click, Create Your Own Review). The first thing that came to my mind was, Why? [Read More…]

Relevant Magazine’s Neue Quarterly

I was recently interviewed for Neue’s podcast, and you can listen to it here. Also, feel free to join in on the on-going discussion on the podcast’s webpage. Much love. [Read more…]


Last night I signed up for Twitter in the midst of my sapping around because Brenda and I had Cubs tickets for last night’s game (Cubs vs. Cards!) and not only did the game get rained out, but it got rescheduled for a date when I’m speaking out of town. How miserable! And to top [Read More…]

Day of Silence

Today is the National Day of Silence, where GLBT youth and their allies vow to not talk today at school to bring awareness to the name-calling, bullying and harassment of them in schools. In response to this day there are many Christians out there who decide to pull their kids out of school in protest.I [Read More…]

Weigh-in #3

Well, I have to be honest … I haven’t worked out in forever! Drat. And since, I was scared to weigh myself. But when I did this morning it was a lot better than I thought. At least I’ve been trying to eat better?! But starting tomorrow (AGAIN), I’ll be working out. Please pray for [Read More…]

Practical Applications for Validation vs. Affirmation

Yesterday as I posted my deconstruction of the difference between validation and affirmation, and its essentialness to bridge building between the GLBT and conservative communities, a reader posed the question: What a wonderful challenge…I have not mastered that skill without having the feeling I’m conceding to agree. Do you have any practical ways to get [Read More…]

Follow-Up to Scot McKnight’s Post—Part 2

Here is my quick summary to understand what I was talking about in the last post regarding validation and affirmation (as I spend all of Chapter 5 in my book deconstructing validation. The chapter is called: Who are We Looking to for Validation: The GLBT Quest for Good News from God). The first thing we [Read More…]