Live Tonight


I will be a live guest tonight on America’s most listened to Christian radio program, The Frank Pastore Show, from 5:20-5:50pm CST. You can listen live here. (the Listen Live link is on the left-hand side under the heading KKLA-FM Links).

Much love.

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  • Frank B

    Will this be posted online at some point?

  • Most of the radio programs do have an archive section. If you visit their program website (which I link on all of the media posts) you should be able to find it. If you want to hear more of the interviews I've done, go to the Media category on the left and click through to the stations' archives.

  • Jon Trouten

    I don't know what you like about Frank Pastore, Andrew. So far, I'm hearing lots of diatribes against DADT, gay families, and "the gay agenda". blah, blah, blah…

  • Jon – From my perspective it's about getting the message the Lord put on my heart out there to as many different people/places/demographics I possibly can. Who knows who is listening to whatever program, and how or what I'm saying might impact them – gay or conservative person or program. My own rule of thumb is to be on any who ask.

  • Jon Trouten

    I understand why you’re there, Andrew. It just frustrates me. And it confuses me. He thinks what you’re doing is great and he thinks your message and outreach is great and necessary, but he also thinks that anything remotely touching on the “gay agenda” is awful. Which makes me wonder what I’m missing.

  • There are a lot of mixed messages that come from conservative media figures regarding myself, and my work. This is just my opinion, and I have never asked any of them the correctness of this thought, but I feel as though many conservative media figures are able to, in their own minds, easily separate the politics vs. the church/family/relationships/levleing the personal disconnect. That is why so many of them continue to argue for ‘gay agendas’ without thinking twice about the ‘Christian agenda’ which is just the same as the gay one, just from the opposite end. Demonizing an agenda is much easier than demonizing a human. Some may argue with me on that, but I just think that compassion is unassumed, like no one has it. But I actually think plays a big role – hence the unencumbered attacks on agendas and not individuals (from a national media standpoint).

  • Mrs T

    [[[[HUGS]]]] to Jon. I listened last night & was disappointed that he mentioned that phrase. I know he is so supportive of Andrew, but as a Christian, needs to leave that terminology behind & focus on what we can do to bridge that nasty gap! KUTGW, Andrew!