4th Printing

Book Cover

Speaking of books in 2009, I just got a card in the mail from my publisher letting me know that the newly award winning Love is an Orientation just went into it’s 4th printing! That’s cray … 8 months and 4 printings later the message is really getting out there.

Thanks so much everyone for reading the book and believing in it so much that you continue to recommend it to others. I’m truly humbled by this whole thing.

Much love.


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  • Congrats!

  • Hihopes

    This is great news. Is there some information of #’s sold to-date and how that compares to goals? Any information of who and where people are buying?
    My prayer is for all of them to land in the hands of those needing to make room for all at the table and that, in reading it, they do………

    Also, any word on how you are coming along on your fund raising request? I wish there was a thermometer on the site that showed Percent of total raised……….Just so we can all see how well everything is going in meeting the objectives.

    My prayers continue….Hope

  • Jon Trouten

    Congratulations, Andrew!!! 🙂