Unbelievable: My Book Wins its 5th Award!

This is just amazing! I just found out that Love is an Orientation just won its 5th national book award. Outreach Magazine gave Love is an Orientation their Culture Award for the Outreach Resources of the Year. You can see the release here.

As I was writing this book during May and June of 2008, I earnestly prayed that each and every sentence would be given by the Lord, and used for God’s ultimate purposes in everyone’s life who reads it. My goal was, and always is, impact; not units sold. Yet the Lord has given both – and these 5 awards that my book has won is more than anything I could have even imagined. The impact is being felt, and I couldn’t be more humbled and literally taken back by this whole thing.

I love you all so much for believing so strongly in this bridge building movement. ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t do the intentions of my soul justice.

Much love.


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  • Mrs T

    Super Congrats on the book – again!! Yesss!
    Also that’s cool about the Naperville/Olympic connection!
    As I get older, I see more connections to others & I love it!
    So, KUTGW & praise the Lord who has done it all!

  • Person

    We are all cheering for you Andrew! 🙂 Yet another sign that you are doing the right thing. Keep it up, brother.

  • Ryan

    Congratulations!!! I hope to get the recognization you deserve for your book and the important work you are doing.

  • Ryan

    Ok that kind of came out wrong. I meant to say I hope you continue to get the recognition you deserve for your book and work you are doing!

  • Awesome!

  • Congrats, Andrew!! I FINALLY received my copy of it last Thursday and am about half way through. It truly is an awesome book and the recognition is well-deserved.

  • Ryan 🙂 It’s all good brother!

    And thanks so much Person, Jason and Mrs. T. You are the best. I’m so truly humbled by this whole thing and really appriciate your love and participation in this journey. Thanks!!!