March Madness Starts Today!

Oh, it’s one of the best times of the year (along with the January Bowl Games, the College World Series and the big-boy World Series). For those of you who care, here are my picks (I have a few upsets in the first two rounds, but nothing super crazy this year):

Sweet 16:

Kansas vs Maryland, Georgetown vs Ohio State, Syracuse vs Butler, Pitt vs Kansas St, Kentucky vs Temple, Marquette vs West Virginia, Duke vs Texas A&M, and Baylor vs Villanova

Elite 8:

Kansas vs Ohio State, Syracuse vs Kansas State, Kentucky vs West Virginia, and Duke vs Baylor

Final 4:

Kansas, Syracuse, West Virginia and Duke


Kansas vs West Virginia



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  • …love this, if only ’cause i’m a big time kansas fan. 🙂

  • My Ohio U Bobcats knocked off Georgetown. Go CATS!