Hilarious Video!

This is too funny, for real. Looks like British humor can actually be funny 🙂

Much love.


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  • Andrew: I’m shocked! British humor has some of the best humor out there. You need to educate yourself! Here’s your first lesson:



  • Jack Harris

    I echo Jon’s sentiments. Another window into the world of Christianity in Britain can be seen in funny ways with the Vicar Of Dibley. Checkout the link, I love French and Saunders!


  • Luke

    ‘Vicar of Dibley’ ?? Isn’t that a documentary.. looks pretty normal British to me 😉

  • David

    It’s funny because it’s true

  • Ok! You’ve got me. I watched them and they’re really funny. Also, here’s one of my favorite scene’s ever!


    It’s only a flesh wound!

  • Hey Andrew! 🙂

    You’re not committing the cardinal sin of thinking British humo(u)r begins and ends with Python are you? ;-))))


  • He failed to mention the other extremists… The Extreme Moderates.

    The Extreme Moderates think that anybody who says that anything is absolutely wrong or absolutely right is an extremist.

    The only heresy of the Extreme Moderate is intolerance of sin and false doctrine

    The Extreme Moderates list of enemies include (among other things) Christians who assert that Jesus is THE way, THE truth and THE life and that nobody comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ

    “Journal of A Battling Christian”