No More False Promises from England…

Ok, so I’m finally admitting to myself (albeit at the end of the trip) that I’m not going to get to updating you with all of the fun stories and moving experiences until I get back home and am on my blogging routine again. I’m sorry I’ve lied to myself and you all for the last few weeks…Drat!  🙁

Good news – I’m now heading to London, as over the next few days I will be speaking to Courage UK (here is a video I did with Jeremy Marks, the founder of Courage) and Changing Attitude UK, which is hosting the LGBT Anglican Association of England gathering, before heading to Eastbourne to speak at the theologically conservative Kings Church on Sunday. Bridges are being built.

I am looking very much forward to getting all of these unique experiences from the last month out of my head. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Talk soon!

Much love.

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  • Very sensible Mr Marin. I miss your updates, but am glad you’re cutting yourself a bit of slack! Enjoy your days in London/Eastbourne and remember to eat vegetables (always helpful when life is running you ragged).

  • rev. s. russ

    You seem to be visiting the seaside places, bristol channel, north sea and now the english channel. enjoy the sunshine but the sea will still be cold. God bless

  • How’s your health, Andrew? Hoping things are well with you. -Jon