Ask Me I Dare You: Part 4

Yesterday I answered a question by Bob, in Ask Me I Dare You: Part 3. Today I want to answer the second half of his question which reads as follows:

“Also I am planning on moving and being a part of her gay community. She and I are close friends and I’ve made friends with her other lesbian friends. They all seem to accept me. I have found a church in her community which would support me. Any advice?”

Yes, I do have advice:


Here’s the thing, it’s soooo cool these days in the Christian world to move to Africa. To move to the ghetto (especially if you’re white). To move to work with at-risk youth.

Do you know where it’s not cool to move?

The Gay Neighborhood. Any gay neighborhood. Anywhere.

The time is now. This is your moment to live your faith actually worth living. If this is what the Lord is leading you to do, go and do it. Don’t look back. Have no back-up plan other than to be you in the place that so few like you would ever want to live. And you do it because you love your friend. You love your new friends. You love all of the people you haven’t yet met. And you do it because you love the Lord and want, for once, to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in a tangible way that is living in your Kingdom Job Description (As Billy Graham said after President Clinton’s sex scandal: It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to Judge and my job to love).

Amen brother. Live on.

Much love.

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    Awesome advice 🙂

    • I just feel that with this, like many other things in our journeys, that if we have set in stone back-up plans, we’re just giving ourselves an easy ‘out’ if it gets too hard. At least in my personality, I have to be ‘all in’ or ‘all out’ otherwise I’ll waver and do no good for anything.

  • High Hopes


  • Seth


  • “Do you know where it’s not cool to move?
    The Gay Neighborhood.”

    Awesome – so true! We pick and choose who we want to minister to, where we want to minister, and how we want to minister.

    I could be wrong, but didn’t Jesus say go into ALL the world? just sayin…